How To Make A Christmas Movie

A fool-proof plan for festive merriment

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 8th 2011, 12:20

      Firstly Phoebe from Friends is comedy anthrax, one of the least funniest characters in the ENTIRE history of television (Exhibit A: ROSS CAAAN! GIMME THE TICKETS! Cue tumbleweeds, polite laughter...). Anyway you can't have a xmas movie without someone seeing the error of their ways and embracing the spirit of xmas, ie: a workaholiic dad/ mum, a mean businessman who remembers his childhood (or any other variation on Scrooge) . I really have to stop watching the Xmas24 channel...

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    • FranJester

      Dec 19th 2011, 22:19

      One film you missed out on the thinking outside the box section: Edward Scissorhands! Just saying!

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