How To Reboot Robocop

Aronofsky's out, but we'd still buy that for a dollar...



    • garyu2

      Aug 5th 2010, 9:43

      It dosent need re-booting (christ I am sick of that phrase). Film-makers -loosely- who think of nothing but to re-boot old films they will never better are the ones needing a BOOTING then a re-booting after that. Robocop was awesome and only made in 1990. No-one in Hollywood got an actual original idea?

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    • ash333

      Aug 5th 2010, 11:04

      If Robocop gets 'rebooted' then I'll personally take it upon myself reboot The Godfather and Star Wars with zero scriptwriting or directing experience and I'll cast Channing Tatum and John Cena is as many roles as possible..

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    • ash333

      Aug 5th 2010, 11:34

      "Paul Greengrass don't like me, so I don't like Paul Greengrass... Nee nee nee nee nee nee nee neeeeeeeeeeee.."

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    • higgins78

      Aug 5th 2010, 12:18

      garyu2 and ash333 both make perfect sense. Why "re-boot" a film with practically no flaws when older movies were made which though had interesting ideas completely missed the target? While ash333 is remaking Star Wars and The Godfather I will be setting my attention to The Leopard and Black Narcissus.

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    • alexr

      Aug 6th 2010, 11:56

      Actually, I think Robocop has not dated well. From it's release in 1987 (not 1990) Robocop has endeared itself to a hardcore group of fans, but most everyone else has forgotten about it. However, perhaps a sequel/reboot in the vein of 'Predators' would work - keeping the original feel, while updating the story for a new audience. Personally, I would love to see a remake of this, but have them discussing the original films concepts as a Mk1 Robocop, change the location, and build on the originals perfection instead of tearing it down for the die hard fans.

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    • avoidz

      Aug 6th 2010, 13:48

      @ #7 -- Your opinion, but so wrong. RoboCop is a rightfullly a cinema classic and should not be rebooted. It has not been forgotten (we are talking about it now) and many elements of it have entered popular culture and continue to influence movies and film makers to this day.

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    • oui3d

      Aug 6th 2010, 14:43

      Instead of just borrowing wholesale from the agreed brilliant Robocop. Why not just clean up the original print and face replace the cast with your suggestions? I wouldn't watch it, but i'm sure the folk who've forgotten the original would have a field day...

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 6th 2010, 15:45

      Money could better spent rebooting Ashton Kutcher into space, not a movie, just in general :D

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    • SimonK

      Aug 6th 2010, 16:24

      I posted a link to the feature from my blog, and reader Matt Packer has taken my ideas and run with them. I think his version would be aces, personally. Click here and scroll down the comments...

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    • TheChicagoWay

      Aug 6th 2010, 16:27

      Waste of time. Especially when the whole 'make a bad guy the cop' was the entire premise of Robocop 2 (which stank). NEXT.

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    • Barney1

      Aug 6th 2010, 16:55

      Probably end up with McG! Heaven forbid!

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    • Mattsimus

      Aug 6th 2010, 16:58

      Ya gotta be f*****g kidding me, REBOOOOTTT???? again the demise of another franchise, can we not just learn from any mistakes made in previous movies and progress instead of going back in time, there isnt anything wrong with Robocop....ok 3 was shat but gimme a break, move on and create something revolutionary that dosnt rely on remaking someone elses work where the foundation hath already been laid!!!!!

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    • murphy

      Aug 6th 2010, 17:13

      no no no no nooooooooo they better not dare to "reboot" this film, one of my favourite films of all time (hence the username)it doesn't need remade it's perfect as it is and quite frankly your ideas are cringeworthy and complete pants. when i first heard about a possible remake a while back i was quite excited but then i realised that hollywood has a penchant for totally feckin things up and making pale immitations of perfectly good films the idea left me slightly nauseas, so leave it the hell alone or i'll reboot your arses!

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    • BennettsVest

      Aug 6th 2010, 18:51

      Sorry, but Murphy was not chosen randomly to become RoboCop. He was one of several highly regarded (un-knowing) candidates deliberately transferred to dangerous precincts by OCP to decrease their life-expectancy, so that their dead flesh could then be used for Bob Morton's RoboCop program. And that is yet another reason why RoboCop is the best film of the 80s.

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    • Nickey09

      Aug 6th 2010, 21:27


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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 7th 2010, 13:55

      One of things that made the original work(and why Starship Troopers was so gleeful) was the subtle undercurrent of satire, something that any new director would fail to grasp, even if it was drawn in crayon..

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    • Tastynapalm

      Aug 8th 2010, 22:18

      Satire, violence and a guy in a suit. We don't need a rehash with references to the current world, whip edited violence and CGI Robocop. Here's a suggestion, get some new ideas!

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    • ash333

      Aug 9th 2010, 14:33

      The person that green lit Robocop never once used the word 'satire'. He ran into the offices of Warner Bros waving the script in his hand shouting "It's full of violence and swearing, lets make it as soon as we can".. Life imitating art or the other way round or something, and there's no way you could pull that off today

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    • nastycafe13

      Aug 10th 2010, 12:27

      Cillian Murphy is my favourate actor by far. He was the likeable plucky guy trapped in an apocalypse in horror 28 DAYS LATER and the gloriously insane doctor scarecrow in BATMAN BEGINS. who else could play it except him?.

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