Is Megan Fox the Antichrist?

Aubrey Day on the girl fanboys love to hate...

The other day, we put up some new pictures of Megan Fox, in a cheerleader’s outfit. You may have seen them (they’re also in our new issue).

Naturally, as soon as we put said pics up, they started to appear on other websites.

For no good reason, I spent most of a day keeping a vague eye out to see how many sites took our pics and how many bothered to credit/link back to us. (Lots, and not many, in case you’re wondering...).

One side effect of this web-watching was that I became (more) aware of just how much vitriol is poured Ms Fox’s way. Even as our pics were being lifted, the accompanying copy was frequently ripping her apart. Here's a fairly typical example:

“I hate Megan Fox. Sure, she’s hot, as evidenced by these pictures, but she's also an idiot and a total bitch. Oh, and she can’t act. And now it seems everybody knows it. I’m kinda happy her new movie is a complete and utter bomb.”

This follows last week’s sulkily adolescent open letter from some ‘Loyal Transformers Crew’ that briefly appeared on Michael Bay’s official site, claiming Fox is a talentless, ungracious diva who's ‘dumb as a rock’ and ‘has the press fooled’ to her many evil ways.

And while the letter probably revealed more about the juvenile crew members than the actress (“One of us touched her panties”...) it does seem typical of a whole lot of Megan hatin’ going on.

But why? What actual facts support the Fox/Antichrist theory?

1. Megan Fox can’t act. Therefore she is the devil.

Let’s be clear here: actors normally don’t write the scripts or direct the film they’re in. You may love Transformers. You may think it’s a pile of doody masquerading as a movie.

But either way, Megan Fox isn’t to blame/credit. All she can do is turn up, look pretty, run in the right direction and shout, “Look out, Optimus!” when required.

She does all that. Megan and Shia have a decent chemistry and the scenes that she is in are no better or worse than the ones she’s not in.

The fact that, to date, she has been constantly cast as a sex bomb, starlet, bad girl, tween bitch etc. reveals the type of roles she’s offered, not the ability she may or may not have.

Truth is, she’s pretty good in Jennifer’s Body and any reviewer that says otherwise is being sucked in by the anti-Fox chatter.

Now, certain D-list ‘action heroes’, the odd member of the Harry Potter cast, Paris Hilton… these are folk who can’t act.

2. Megan Fox is dumb. She must be Satan!

What is this based on? That she’s unguarded and talks before she thinks?

That she doesn’t offer sycophantic, bland quotes? That she admits she’s got a lot to learn or… gulp, is it simply that she’s attractive, young, rich and famous and therefore must be evil and taken down a peg or two?

If the myriad attacks on Fox look like misogyny, sound like jealousy and whiff of sour grapes then, just maybe, y’know… they are. Many actresses (and actors) are, if not dumb, at least better to look at than listen to.

But if I was listing a top ten of dumb actors I’ve met (and I’ll let you know when I want to commit that particular piece of career suicide…) Megan Fox wouldn’t make the list.

The fact that she acknowledges Transformers is a big robot movie franchise where acting comes second to spectacle doesn’t make her dumb. It makes her honest.

3. Megan Fox is ungracious. We name thee Beelzebub!

Should you pick up the latest issue of Total Film (come on, you know you want to…) and read our Megan Fox feature, you’ll see Fox claim:

She’s been cast in movies on the back of Transformers box office success.

She doesn’t feel she has earned or deserves the roles she’s been offered.

She worried that she wouldn’t do Diablo Cody’s JB script justice.

She was both thrilled and embarrassed to be working with the likes of Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender on Jonah Hex, given the slimness of her own current CV.

She feels lucky and blessed to be getting opportunities that other actresses, maybe better actresses, would die for.

She is enormously flattered by all the attention paid to her looks, while not actually recognizing the Photoshopped cover girl as bearing much resemblance to what she sees in the mirror.

I’m not sure how any of the above can be termed ‘ungracious’…

4. Megan Fox has the press fooled. Begone, Lucifer!

Another regular accusation: the press are a bunch of thigh-rubbing horndogs ‘fooled’ by Fox’s looks and so grateful for the constant soundbites that we can’t see she’s tricking us all and is really evil incarnate.

What, all of us? Every single journalist who has ever interviewed Megan Fox has been led astray by a smile and a soundbite?

Presumably then, we’re suckered by every pretty face we meet (and, Hollywood being full of pretty faces, that’s a lot of wool being pulled over our eyes…).

All I can say is that at least three of the Total Film staff have met Fox on various occasions. And while we like nothing better than privately bitching about how horrendous some star or other actually was, the truth is that all three of us found her likeable and switched on.

Rest assured, we have plenty of unprintable tales of egocentric stars and starlets (although normally, you’ll find the clues in our copy…) but to date, none of those tales relate to Fox.

Honestly, she’s quite nice.

5. Megan Fox’s new movie is a bomb. Damn you, El Diablo!

Jennifer’s Body is a (relatively) small film. It had a production budget of $16 million. In less then a week, it had recouped half of that just from the US release.

Even allowing for the marketing spend, it will make its money back just on domestic release. It will then sail into the black on international release.

And that’s before all the cable TV deals and DVD sales kick in.

If you lent someone twenty quid and they gave you back forty, you wouldn’t be too miffed. Jennifer’s Body will make decent money - which, as you know, is kind of important to Hollywood.

Better yet, the film’s not bad. It’s actually good fun.

So, no. Megan Fox is not the Antichrist, No horns and no tail (we know, we’ve checked…). Paris Hilton on the other hand…

Who are your own Antichrist nominations? What are your thoughts on Ms Fox? Tell us below...


    • Sonic

      Sep 23rd 2009, 18:37

      Megan Fox is a total s***k, she cant act for s**t, shes a rude, incredibly stupid, remarkably big-headed c**t. She isnt even good looking! People should pay more attention to the TRUE beauties like Marilyn Monroe or Marion Cotillard or Zooey Deschanel! Fox, GTFO.

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    • Bojangles17

      Sep 23rd 2009, 19:06

      As much as Total Film has on occasion dropped the ball as far as journalism goes, I think I'll trust 3 workers who have met her over a number of anonymous p********f geeks who have not met her. It's not even as if Total Film has written anything bad about Fox so they'd be under no pressure to carry out this write up other than to say "C'mon, guys, grow up. You're giving film fans a bad name." Honestly, this reminds me of all the hate on Keira Knightley a few years ago. I trawled through endless interviews, write ups and articles and found no bad word against her from any journalist, respectable or not, that had met her, yet the amount of people who hated on her for no reason was endless. No-one is going to change the way the internet works, but dammit, this is pathetic.

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    • hughjass1970

      Sep 23rd 2009, 19:23

      She's fitter than a butcher's dog and I have no doubt that given the right role she'll prove she can act too.

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    • munchkin

      Sep 23rd 2009, 19:55

      sure she is a pretty specimen no doubt.... but the more she opens her mouth,the less attractive she is getting. i think she would be better at modelling as oppose to what she is doing now.... i wouldnt class it as credible acting.

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    • fuzzcaminski

      Sep 23rd 2009, 20:33

      Who gives a s**t. You shout 'Optimus look out' and see if you get nominated for an Oscar! It pay's the bills and I bet she's got a nicer car than you, and i bet she's got more followers than you on twitter

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    • SCQ47

      Sep 23rd 2009, 21:34

      Quite a nerve to call the crew members juvenile considering how you just wrote this insipid rant and attempted to pass it off as an article on one of the better industry sites. Your arguments are over exaggerated and baseless enough that you come off as Fox's flunky sorority sister. Your pathetic attempt to showcase Fox in a light of humility is counter to her interview where she compared Michael Bay to Hitler. Even if I was a sniveling mall rat, I would be able to tell the difference between a film director and a genocidal dictator. Bay might not make the most artistic films, I am far from a fan of his work, but he does have a reputation in this industry for being a nice and generous man. It is easy for a wannabe journalist who is on the outside looking in on the industry, but take the words from people who actually work in the industry, as a career and not to fulfill a "daddy didn't love" me gap. Fox's fifteen minutes will soon be up and the only headline she will hope to capture will be on the tabloids next to the other talentless divas such as Spears, Lohan, and Hilton.

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    • sarcuk

      Sep 23rd 2009, 22:10

      Who cares, shes good in some films and bad in some films, I like her, but then again I like anyone who isn't Reese Witherspoon.

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    • sarcuk

      Sep 23rd 2009, 22:11

      or Robert Patterson? Pattinson? I dont know that strange looking fella in Twilight.

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    • poser221

      Sep 24th 2009, 2:15

      I like Megan Fox. I especially like Totalfilm standing up for her. It's selfless as she wouldn't have any knowledge of you doing that, and it's courageous as they’re some stupid people out there who might stop buying your mag as they don’t like your support of the evil-eyed one(!) Well done!

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    • eeyore1059

      Sep 24th 2009, 3:09

      I may not be the biggest Megan Fox fan. She is very pretty, has a dynamite body and chooses roles that play on those two factors. Both Transformers films were far from classic but they did their job. When I went to see Jennifers Body last night, I expected the worst, considering the reviews-but surprise- the film was a well paced, well written horror film with a definite point of view from Diablo Cody. Fox played the role well, showing much more talent than either of the kiddie robot films. Is she a b***h in real life? Who cares? It's Hollywood-full of pampered people who make too much for what they do (and I am including union workers in that statement)so I don't care what they are like in real life as long as when I pay my twelve dollars to see a movie, that they take me away for two hours.

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    • Buried At Sea

      Sep 24th 2009, 10:59

      until you've met her shut the f**k up. your opinion means s**t.

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    • whateverman

      Sep 24th 2009, 11:05

      Some people need to chill out and stop hating. I'm looking at you sonic and SCQ47. Why so much hate for somone you haven't met? You are treating her like somone who kicked down your door on christmas day and preceeded to take a dump on your turkey before slapping your kids. Relax and enjoy life. If you don't like her don't watch films she is in and dont read articles about her then you might find happiness and peace.

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    • frostfacechilla

      Sep 24th 2009, 22:08

      Obviously we got some ugly people posting in here...and I don't just refer to how you look (you could be the next Brad Pitts or Angelina's), but from reading your comments you are so full of hate for someone who you've not met yet. whateverman just said it best, relax and enjoy life and stop hating because you just come off looking ugly! Oh and Megan Fox is hot!!!

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    • bentgaga

      Sep 25th 2009, 2:29

      Wow, this is insane I love everything about her, and I'm a girl It's not a looks based thing, I just love everything she says, the movies she does and her general attitude... She definitely is creating something for herself, that I can't really think of anyone else doing recently... The more you guys hate, the higher she goes Keep it up!!

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    • NiNoNegative

      Sep 25th 2009, 9:21

      A lot of the abuse she gets comes of as highly misogynistic... but then what would I expect from Americans? Not the best at thinking up insults. It's either homophobic dribbling or posting "STFU!". Megan gets called "w***e, s***k, b***h, s**t" etc. At best she is getting called a "silly little girl." For what? Having a pop at Bay, one of the most vilified directors that nearly everyone has spent the last 15 years slating? Her comments about an unsafe set seem fair enough. Shia LeBoeuf had his face damn near blown off when they set some explosives off too early. Stories of Bay behaving like a loon on set are legendary. She's hardly the first to mention it. That's just the way he works I guess, it must work as his films make a lot of money, doesn't mean he isn't a jerk. I reckon if she were male or was a bit less attractive, she'd be called an outspoken rebel or quirky and that would be it. I think she's ace, and until I see her stamping on kittens heads with a swastika shaved into her hair I'll continue look forward to her new movies no matter how some faceless blogger twists a Megan Fox quote to get hits on their crappy site.

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    • dojj singh

      Sep 25th 2009, 14:35

      based on her 2 outings in transformers and some pictures and words in tf (that's total film, not transformers in case so of you don't understand the difference) i can honestly base my onions on the following: her thumbnails really freak me out she was so out-acted in tf2 (that's transformers for those who have forgotten) by her boobies, the bra should receive a nod for best supporting type at some sort of awards bash that no one's ever heard of until the bra's won pretty girls tend to be hated and pretty girls become b***hy because they are hated so unless she invites herself round to my house for dinner and me and my family get to find out what she's like over the dinner table, i shall remain a normal person who doesn't love or hate people they've never met

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    • Bigby

      Sep 25th 2009, 15:38

      I'm not a huge fan of Megan myself, but wouldn't go as far as some people, yikes. Personally (as well as Tom Cruise, talk about annoying and I think Kidman, the writers of the Deadpool comie and the tv series Californication will back me up on that) I personally think many writers are the devil, I mean look at Wolverine! Some real c**p is getting written lately. And also 20th Century Fox, yeah I hated Wolverine, but Dragonball, Street Figther - Legend of Chun Li, they have really been raping some franchises and squeezing out movies the other end, do we really need a Dragonball Sequel =S what happened to the golden days of the Fox doing Star Wars, Alien, Predator, Fight Club. What happened to the age of everyone wanting to make good movies and hits rather than just interested in the marketing and cashflow, Where's this centuries Hitchcock and Kubrick.

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    • uruloki2k

      Sep 25th 2009, 23:14

      Come on people, really, I've seen less heated debates over the decision to go into Iraq! Does it really matter how clever or nice the girl is? It's not like you have to share a flat with her. Until I see her in a movie that requires any "acting" I'll withhold judgment on her abilities, and then until I meet her I won't decide how nice she is, it's the same courtesy people afford to all strangers, why would it be any different for Megan Fox?

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    • NiNoNegative

      Sep 26th 2009, 1:34

      I don't understand the fuss about her calling Bay "Hitler". I'm sure most people have referred to their boss as acting like Hitler before. I know we do where I work. (But then he does use numbers instead of names when talking about staff.)

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    • bentgaga

      Sep 28th 2009, 1:41

      So, is it correct to say, that no actor or actress or film maker etc can be judged until they have been met personally? They are evil until they come and tell you to your face otherwise? Unlucky the entire world.

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    • Munkybren

      Oct 8th 2009, 19:20

      so... where'd ya get the pics from?

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    • Nika555

      May 27th 2010, 10:58

      Pity to see "I like her - she's very pretty". What is the more important in the actress - being pretty of being able to act? One very famous director said "a prety actress does not need to be talented, she just needs to stay in front of the camera"... If she's pretty, but can't act - she should change a professino. If he's ugly, but any movie become brilliant with her - she's great!

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