Is there anything you don’t like about the new Watchmen trailer?

A cape? A shoe? Anything?

Despite the Total Film office being evenly split between those who have and haven't read The Watchmen, the excitement generated from the latest trailer could power the Oxford Street Christmas lights for the rest of the year.

If you somehow missed us shouting about it, here’s our news story.

But is it perfect? We find it hard to fault - even the inclusion of Muse seems right - but maybe we’ve missed something.

So is there anything that sets alarm bells ringing? Is that gravely voice too reminiscent of Bale’s over-the-top growls in The Dark Knight? Does it expose hideous plot holes to the Watchmen faithful?

Answers, below.


    • aelmo1

      Nov 14th 2008, 11:50

      ok before we get any obsessed fanboys balling their eyes out because Rorschach's voice isn't to their exact liking or the fact that the music by muse has been cut to shreds for the trailer (not my opinion but u'd be suprise how sad some people are).........ok im losing my train of thought here. i guess what im trying to say is why the hell is everybody looking for flaws? this movie looks amazing, and lets forget 2 great directors backed out of this project because they felt it couldnt be done. i think zack snyder has pulled this off. everything looks just as it should, and im sorry but i think the ending will work much better without the squid in the movie, but i would LOVE to see the squid ending on the dvd.

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    • Alec Goodlad

      Nov 14th 2008, 13:45

      I love the new trailer, I CANNOT wait for the film, every photo and trailer I've seen makes me more and more excited about the film, yes I've read the grsphic novel and I cannot wait for the film. I'm worrying a bit about the new ending (I'm not sure how it will work without the squid) but I have faith in Zach Syder after 300)

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    • squirebrown

      Nov 14th 2008, 14:06

      the 300-style slo-mo's, ozymadias' german accent, the possible ending change...

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    • willboy1212

      Nov 14th 2008, 19:22

      In terms of film making, this film looks stunning. I am a fan of slow mo stuff and I think Rorschach's voice is perfect. I do think the novel is a superb piece of literature and as I read it I thought this would be such a difficult thing to turn into a movie but I think Snyder has done it. Roll on March!

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