Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit creators talk Jack Ryan 2

Chris Pine, Kenneth Branagh and more discuss sequel ideas…

With Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in cinemas Friday, we sat down with the people behind it to talk ideas for the sequel.

You'll probably want to see the film this weekend before watching the below video, though - as it does contain spoilers.

But once you've seen it, click below to find out where the story might go next.  

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opens in UK cinemas Friday 24 January. 

Would you like to see a Jack Ryan trilogy? Tell us below!


    • cmiucbatcat

      May 7th 2014, 2:16

      Awesome movie just like the other older movies with Harrison Ford... Be great to see sequels of this movie... Chris Pine and Kevin Costner are perfect in the role... so you have us hooked...don't change format or actors...it only degrades the movies to low ratings...

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    • steveday

      May 21st 2014, 2:58

      What a brilliant film. How did it get, in my opinion, such a low IMDB rating out of 10. Dear Sirs/or to whom it may concern. To paraphrase:- Please Sir, may we have some more?

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