Joss Whedon's Marvel TV Show: 10 Intriguing Possibilities

In the wake of Whedon's TV deal, we examine the options...

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Aug 8th 2012, 14:30

      I'm getting a bit sick of this Whedon fellow. What has he done lately that hasn't already been done by Homer Simpson?

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    • mattowen

      Aug 8th 2012, 14:38

      There's a fantastic Marvel show begging to made - Damage Control. The daily exploits of poor working shmoes tasked with cleaning up the damage done by raging super-battles... with hilarious consequences!

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 8th 2012, 16:10

      Civil War will more likely be featured in the next Avengers Movie with a cliffhanger for Avengers 3.

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    • corydugger

      Aug 8th 2012, 20:09

      Kitty Pryde agent of S.HI.E.l.D. perfect story arc needs to be done.

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    • corydugger

      Aug 8th 2012, 20:10

      well it's already been done I mean on tv by whedon

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    • aragorn01

      Aug 10th 2012, 19:45

      i'd wanna see The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger..Dagger's gotta be super HOT. how bout Blake Lively?? for Hulk and SHIELD..i'd rather marvel make those big screen movies than either Guardians of the Galaxy (snooz fest) and Ant-Man (another eye-roller character).

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