Liam Neeson: Best Movie Roles

From historical figures to action heroes

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 4th 2011, 17:45

      He was great in Kingdom of Heaven, so much so that he leaves a hero-shaped hole that Orlando Bloom cannot fill. Wuss.

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    • DanRose

      Mar 5th 2011, 11:53

      Krull should have definitely got a mention....

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    • Porkchopexpress

      Mar 5th 2011, 14:22

      He's also the best thing in 'The Phantom Menace' by a country mile, it's easy to forget his measured and intelligent portrayal of a slightly unorthodox Jedi Knight in the midst of all that CGI, makes the best of a bad job in terms of script and execution from Lucas. He actually lends Qui-Gon-Jinn humanity and pathos, compared to the emotion deprived performances of the other Jedi in the films, it's a refreshing change. The fact he comes away with his dignity intact, for me anyway, makes it a real stand out performance. "There's always a bigger fish..."

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    • DanielMcA

      Mar 7th 2011, 20:40

      re. Leap of Faith: "Neeson imbues a typical villain..." Did we watch the same film?

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