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A king, a bride and an archaeologist

Andy recommends... The Mist

Frank Darabont's latest Stephen King adap is cheap and joyously nasty - a siege movie with bugs, beasties and plenty of satirical swipes at terrorism-fueled xenophobia. The none-more-bleak ending is still a shocker.

Sam recommends… Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

...But only so that you can fully appreciate the glory of the episode of South Park where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rape Indy when it airs in the UK.

Every part of this flick, from the bit with the fridge, to the bit where Indiana Jones quotes Han Solo, is a total travesty. If you have even one happy memory of this character, you must not watch this film.

Chris recommends… The Princess Bride: The Special Edition

Yes, we’re perfectly aware that this came out last week. We also know we didn’t recommend it way back then. So, with an absence of anything else to highlight today, we’re going to rectify that.

Without a doubt one of the best family movies ever made, The Princess Bride manages to walk the line between cynicism and sentimentalism. Blessed with a cracking script, a legion of great actors at the top of their comic game and Rob Reiner right in the centre of his golden age, it’s not to be missed.


    • Bulletproof_animal

      Nov 10th 2008, 15:10

      I enjoyed INDY IV. It's more enjoyable than the usual miserable, dull as dishwater c**p you nobhead film critics normally recommend.

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    • Buried At Sea

      Nov 10th 2008, 17:22

      you're clearly an idiot then.

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    • scabo33

      Nov 10th 2008, 22:47

      Say what u want bout the others....the mist is fantstic!

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