Predators: Live web chat with Robert Rodriguez!

Throw your questions at the master of Grindhouse...


You've heard the chatter, you seen the casting choices, the rumours have come and gone - ignited in tempestuous forums by dedicated Pred-heads, desperate to avoid another AvP style shitstorm...

For those of you that have seen the trailer, hopefully most of your fears have been calmed.

Robert Rodriguez - Grindhouse director and Predators producer - promised a return to the kind of real effects which made the original so very bad-ass, and that he had complete faith in the relatively unproven Nimrod Antal to deliver the results...

Well, judging by the trailer, Antal has delivered, and Rodriguez has proved that when it comes to hype, he never says a word he doesn't believe.

To further sate fans appetities, Rodriguez is holding a series of live web chats to answer any lingering doubts you may have (the presence of Topher Grace perhaps?), or to just chew the fat over various plot points, Predator design and filming details.

To take part, tune in @ 1pm GMT and enter your questions in the chat stream below, and watch as RR answers live via video stream from his base of operations in Austin, Texas.




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