See Twilight’s Robert Pattinson play Dali

No photoshop foolery - that 'tache is genuine.

Teenage girls across the world are about to recieve a shock: The days of Robert Pattinson's Twilight porcelain looks are over.

Indie drama Little Ashes sees him playing Salvador Dali – best known as the surrealist artist behind those melty watch paintings on a thousand university walls.

Pattinson swaps his glittering mug for a swarthy, floppy moustache and adopts Dali’s accent for the part, which chronicle’s the artist’s desire to be remembered. No problem there, then.

Check out the trailer below and some fresh pics of Pattinson in our gallery.


    • joannash

      Dec 4th 2008, 11:58

      I saw Little Ashes at Raindance. Pattinson exceeded my expectation and is very convincing as Dali and as the film progresses he grows into the Dali we think we know.Pattinson and Beltran both give very intense performances and you totally buy into the Dali/Lorca relationship. The actors had great chemistry with one another. The sexual aspects of the story are handled beautifully. The scene between Pattinson and Beltran in the moonlit waters is so incredibly beautiful and it probably ranks as the most gorgeous looking scene I've ever seen. The cinematographer on this film needs a pat on the back as does the composer and costume designer. The scene where Dali watches Lorca make love to Magdalena sounds titilating but actually is a heartbreaking moment and Pattinson is incredible. The growing fascination between Lorca and Dali is beautfully played out and the script has obviously been crafted with care and attention. The director deserves much praise for handling this film with such tact and sensitivity and I hope it gets picked up for a decent cinema release.I wont spoil the end for people but its particularly tragic and Pattinson really shines in this key moment.

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    • estram

      Dec 4th 2008, 12:07

      Saw the film at a screening and Pattinson and Beltran had wonderful chemistry. Both actors really got the essence of the characters. Pattinson's role was harder as its so easy to go over the top but he pulled off a wonderful performance. A very brave interpretation. The film looks visually stunning and I found the time flew by. A totally engrossing and absorbing film. Fangirls of Pattinson will have much to enjoy. He makes a great on screen drunk and has excellent comic timing but is also just as good in the more emotional moments. I was very impressed with him. Javier Beltran was also excellent and has the larger role of the two but I'm not sure if he has that little extra something to make him a successful film actor. He does have wonderful soulful eyes though.

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