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    • ChrisWootton

      Dec 9th 2010, 12:47

      Jared Harris, whose most notable big-screen performance to date was a small role in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. He was the grown up WIll in Lost in Space and had one the meatier roles in Happiness, not to mention Natural Born Killers and Dead Man. Christ he's been around for yonks and has had much more screen time than you give him credit for

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    • jonnysniperuk

      Dec 10th 2010, 13:39

      Lets be honest though the average cinema-goer will most probably only have seen Benjamin Button and maybe Lost In Space but lets be honest that isn't exactly memorable and when you consider that Sherlock Holmes was a 12a then you need to consider that quite a large amount of youngsters would have seen it and would have no idea that Natural Born Killers or Dead Man exist and as such the Benjamin Button reference is pretty correct dependent on whether you look at it from an "average Joe" point of view or the point of view of an intellectual cinema-goer.

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    • elijay

      Feb 18th 2011, 13:05

      I seem to remember Jared Harris quite clearly from 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse' as Dr Ashford. Surely, quite a few people will have seen that, as it would definitely be something the younger zombie-lovin' gaming folk are into?

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