Sienna Miller On The Baroness

Exclusive: 7 facts from Miller's mouth...

For the first time since it was announced, we're actually excited about the GI Joe movie.

The teaser trailer was brilliant - packed full of people flinging themselves through the air, landmarks toppling, and, perhaps most significantly, Sienna Miller's cleavage.

So we decided to sit down with Miller, to find out what she's bringing to The Baroness, what she thinks of her costume and how much she enjoyed scrapping with Rachel Nichols...

So, your costume. Lovely, isn't it?
It’s so different to how I normally look. And that helps when you’re creating a character – the more different you look, the more different you feel. I’ve got green contact lenses, too. I don’t recognise myself!


How evil is the Baroness? Is she good deep down?
She used to be good, but then a series of circumstances caused her to lose faith in life and in a lot of people she trusted. It’s been confusing at times but I think fundamentally she’s a villain, a femme fatale. She’s a pretty nasty piece of work.

Were you a GI Joe fan before you took the part?
I had no knowledge whatsoever… I thought it was about this one guy called Joe who was a GI! But I loved the idea of being in a movie that was action-filled and fun and different to anything I’d done before. I didn’t feel like a big villain until I got my machine gun. But then I thought, “Right, I can get into this!”


The Baroness is a hit with the fans...
She’s an iconic character. I’ve been Googling her a lot and seen that a lot of people go to Halloween parties and ComicCon dressed as her. It’s terrifying, but being the first person to tackle her on screen is great.

How was Stephen Sommers to work with?
Have you met him? He’s like zoom, zoom! At first I was terrified but then you get him, you get his rhythm. It’s about having fun. We’re not trying to win awards for acting. You go in and deliver what you’re supposed to and look cool while you’re doing it.


What's Storm Shadow (Byung-Hun Lee) like?
He’s fantastic. He’s the biggest thing in Asia. I hear Tokyo airport has to be shut down when he lands. But there’s no ego, no arrogance. He trained so hard for this role. Luckily I walked in when he was doing a body scan with his shirt off… I said, “I have never seen a body that beautiful!”

Was it tough for you and Rachel Nicols to be the only girls?
No, because you get looked after. If we get hurt, the boys are like, “Oh my God!” She’s off with the Joes and I’m with the baddies, so we only meet when we’re fighting. Or for dinner in Prague, now and then!

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