Star Trek Into Darkness: The Complete Guide

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    • aikaseltzer

      Jan 9th 2013, 11:38

      Everyone, follow Damon Lindelof on Twitter. No, I am not his publicist. But the guy is really funny. Also, excited as hell for TF mag’s STiD cover.

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    • garymakin69etc

      Jan 9th 2013, 14:59

      I think this movie will make double what the first film did.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 9th 2013, 17:09

      Because Lindelof's sci-fi track record has been SUPERB,

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    • FBKTudor

      Jan 9th 2013, 23:15

      Peter Weller has been in Star Trek before. In Enterprise he headed up a xenophobic terrorist group called Terra Nova. This film could be a continuation of that. Also, in the 2009 Star Trek, Kirk's brother (who is in the deleted scene, as well as at the side of the road hitchhiking as a young Kirk speeds by in his step-dad's vintage car) is called 'Johnnie'. He appears to be running away as he cannot bare to live under his dad's roof. Maybe a tough time has made him a bitter, evil adult, who envies his brother's success... Maybe John Harrison is Kirk's brother... (Sure, the accents are different, but if he ran away and grew up in good ole blighty, over time his accent could change). It's just a theory, and who knows, maybe he is Khan, or Gary Mitchel (as Karl Urban suggested accidentally during Dredd's press junkets).

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