The 12 Sexiest Breakout Blokes Of 2009

By popular demand, looks at men


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Adam Brody

See him in: Jennifer’s Body

Adam Brody?! We hear you splutter. Seth from the O.C?! He’s about as sexy as a garden rake wearing a Spider-Man teesh! Well girls, get ready to have add a new chap to your ‘I would’ list.

Because geeky little Seth Cohen from The O.C has, out of nowhere, turned into a total bad-ass.

Tattoos, hipster clothes and the sort of bad attitude that’d make Mr T blush. Forget geek chic, this is git chic. Bad boy boffers, prepare to fall in love.

Your boyfriend might be gawping at Megan Fox’s titular character in Jennifer’s Body this summer, but you’ll be too busy gazing at Nikolai Wolf to care.

Unsexy fact: Adam Brody plays the drums.

Anthony Mackie
See him in: Notorious

Tupac Shakur is one of the sexiest rappers ever. Fact. And Anthony Mackie will be playing ‘im in Notorious, the B.I.G biopic.

No, not the B.F.G biopic, that’s still sitting on Roald Dahl’s top shelf, but the life-story of The Notorious B.I.G, the fat rap chap who was responsible for unleashing P. Ditty Duddy Diddy Daddy onto the world.

Either way, Tupac’s hot and Mackie’s playing him, which makes him hot too. That’s sexy maths.

Unsexy fact: Mackie wanted to be an engineer before he fell into acting.

Taylor Kitsch
See him in: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Taylor Kitsch will be making a million fanboys' dreams come true in 2009 when he finally brings classic X-Men character Gambit to their local Odeon. But why should you care?

Because Remy LeBeau is essentially the Sawyer from Lost of the comic-book world; a rugged con-man charmer with a Southern accent and a twinkle in his winkle. The fact he can charge playing cards with mutant energy and chuck ‘em at his foes is just an added bonus.

Unsexy fact: Kitsch enjoys spending time with family and friends

Sam Worthington

See him in: Terminator Salvation, Avatar

Worried that Russell Crowe has gone a bit podgy recently? Never fear, Hollywood has already lined up his replacement.

Yes, Sam Worthington is the latest Aussie tough bloke who looks like he likes a pint and would throw you around the bedroom if you wanted but would probably be really sensitive if you got to know him… to hit movie-land.

He’s in the two biggest films of 2009, which means he’ll be turning up in a gossip mag near you soon. We promise.

Unsexy fact: Has been described as “one of Australia's most likeable young leading men”

Garret Hedlund
See him in: Tron 2.0

High school sports star Hedlund had been in LA for approximately one month before he was plucked to star as Brad Pitt’s cousin in Troy, and if a casting agent thinks you’ve got good enough genes to pull off being related to Brad, you’ve got to expect to be a sex symbol at some point in your career.

He hasn’t made much since Troy, but as the recently confirmed star of Tron 2.0 (2011) you’re going to be hearing a lot more about him this year.

Unsexy fact: He enjoys staying home and cooking pasta.

Robert Pattinson
See him in: New Moon

If you don’t recognise Robert’s face, then you haven’t been in your kid sister’s bedroom recently. Thanks to his star turn in Twilight, Pattinson is the biggest teen crush since Zac Efron. He’ll return to the franchise in ’09 in New Moon. Expect screams.

Unsexy fact: Pattinson attended Harrodian private school in London.

Channing Tatum

See him in: G.I Joe, Public Enemies

Channing Tatum must hate Sam Worthington. If it wasn’t for Worthington’s turns in Avatar and Terminator Salvation, Tatum would be the chap every movie mag would be tipping to be the top dog of ’09.

As it stands, Tatum will just have to put up with knocking about with Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols while they dress in leather. It’s an ‘ard life.

Unsexy fact: He used to love the Goonies as a kid.

Aaron Johnson
See him in: Kick-Ass

19-year-old Johnson is about to burst onto your big screen playing a gay prostitute in Kick-Ass. Actually, that’s not strictly true, that’s just what his classmates think when he comes to school with a bunch of bruises from all the crime-fighting he’s been doing. Kids, eh?

Kick-Ass is the ’09 adult comic-book flick to look out for. It’s essentially The Dark Knight with loads of jokes and McLovin’ in the Joker role. Brilliant.

Unsexy fact: Johnson knows how to sing, tap, do jazz and acrobatics.

Chris Pine
See him in: Star Trek

Pine is stepping into William Shatner’s velour suit this summer when he takes on the iconic role of Captain Kirk in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek remake, which makes him pretty much the sexiest Trekkie ever.

Unsexy Fact: His middle name is Whitelaw.

Daniel Brühl
See him in: Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino pictured Inglourious Basterds’ pretty-boy Nazi Frederick Zoller as being a DiCaprio type. He cast Daniel Brühl, which makes him the ’09 Leonardo, in our book.

Unsexy fact: Bruhl was nicknamed Gollum by co-star Jessica Schwarz.

Matthew Goode
See him in: Watchmen (hopefully)
The true star of Watchmen, Goode looks like he was beamed down from the same planet as David Bowie, which is sure to bring him to the attention of the sort of gals who fall in love with boys in indie bands.

Oh, and for anyone who likes their men to talk dirty, Goode swears like a trooper in real life. We had to wash out our ears when we interviewed him and everything.

Unsexy Fact: He was born in Exeter.

James Corden
See him in: Lesbian Vampire Killers

Yeah, he’s a fat bloke. But apparently that doesn’t seem to bother the women-folk – Corden’s been seen out with Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn and a boat-load of other girls most blokes would eat all the pies to have a chance of dating.

In 2008 Corden was bedding women on the basis of a little BBC show called Gavin And Stacy. Expect him to gain more groupies in 2009 when every girlfriend in the world gets dragged to Lesbian Vampire Killers and falls in love with the fat lad.

Unsexy fact: Corden is a West Ham fan.


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