The 16 Endings They Didn’t Want You To See

Mad, bad and sad fudged finales...



    • Gorty

      Nov 10th 2010, 23:32

      Is that guy about to shoot Sarah Connor with a rifle?

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    • BoneyN

      Mar 3rd 2011, 16:08

      The nuclear "I slept too long!" ending was, by all means, the funnier and better ending! I was shocked when I accidentally saw the S-MArt ending, wehich was okay of course. But not the best. The nuclear version was the one we initially got to see in Europe at the films release. The change for a happier ending was only made for American audiences I think (seems that the country that creates the nukes doesn't want its films to end with their effects :-) (generalizing, sorry, not meant that way) Later, on DVD, both versions were released in Europe. Great topic this, by the way.

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