The 20 Best Leslie Nielsen Movies

Goodbye to Hollywood's straightest man

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    • Niksterino

      Nov 30th 2010, 15:56

      Wow, this list went up to twenty?? Really? Look, I liked the guy as much as anyone else, but judging by Twitter, Facebook etc. you would think he's the most important actor of our generation.

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    • kaysad

      Nov 30th 2010, 16:10

      funniest old guy ever! funniest cop ever! funniest comedy actor ever! funniest white haired man ever! funniest shirley ever!

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    • Nashnash

      Nov 30th 2010, 18:21

      "...the actor’s last screen appearance to date..." I hope that, "to date" was just a typo.

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    • Toursiveu

      Dec 1st 2010, 18:22

      You include the terrible Prom Night but forget the wonderful Creepshow, by George A. Romero? I haven't seen Repossessed since it was released on VHS but I remember the gag about Sean Penn punchies the paparazzi. Scary Movie 4 : not very funny except for this bit of dialogue : -The President : Get me Homer Landskirty! -His advisor : Sir, do you mean "Homeland Security"?

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    • ChrisWootton

      Dec 2nd 2010, 12:28

      Good call on Creepshow. I'd also include Day of the Animals, just because he has a fight to the death with a bear... he loses.... obviously. Actually after all these years I find that Naked Gun 33 1/3 is the one with the most consistent laughs

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    • ManMadeMonkey

      Dec 2nd 2010, 18:59

      Naked Gun is his masterpiece and is qute simply a masterpiece of comedy. One of the funniest films ever. He was a truly hilarious actor. RIP Leslie Nielsen.

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    • jceaser

      Dec 4th 2010, 6:29

      Forbidden Planet still one of the great sci fi films of all time.

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