The 20 Best Pete Postlethwaite Movies

In memory of the British gent

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    • deedeedragons

      Jan 5th 2011, 1:09

      The Omen remake is a guilty pleasure of mine. What is a brilliant cast ( Liev Schreiber, Mia Farrow, David Thewlis, Michael Gambon & Postlethwaite) doing in a silly remake?

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    • namedropper

      Jan 5th 2011, 20:06

      What a loss. I remember someone once said that Gene Hackman had been in some bad films but had never given a bad performance. I've seen Pete Postlethwaite in many films and some of them were pretty average but I've never seen a film that Mr Postlethwaite didn't make watchable. If you had to sit through Aeon Flux at least you could say "Well at least Pete Postlethwaite's in it". I'd also like to say that his work as Hakeswill in a couple of the Sharpe programmes made them 100% better. His evilness is so immense that I couldn't believe that he only appeared in two. All the best regards to his family and friends.

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