The 20 Greatest Martial Arts Movie Fights

Ong-Bak's back. So here's our top genre fisticuffs...

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    • Vampyre

      Oct 16th 2009, 9:59

      Great list. I know alot of people will say boxing isnt a martial art, but it is. However, list is a bit shot an really needs to include, what i would call the kung fu master section from Warrior King where the camera follows tony jaa up the tower. Alos you could quite easily make this a top 100. good though, even included some lesser known forms D

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    • orbitall121

      Oct 16th 2009, 10:46

      how is casino royal in there, and no jason bourne? bourne would kick bonds a*s all over the place, hes a ninja.....get bond out and bourne in also, i like the fights in arahan and brotherhood of the wolf

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    • apo1978

      Oct 16th 2009, 13:55

      The end fight from Drunken Master 2 is clearly missing from this list.

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    • drunkenmaster

      Oct 16th 2009, 19:51

      Nice list but I wouldn't class this as the best 20. An acceptable 20 maybe. Too many geat screen fighters missing from this list. No Sammo Hung. No Yuen Biao. No Sonny Chiba. No Angela Mao. I would also place the Jackie Chan Vs Benny The Jet higher in my list.

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    • waterton

      Oct 17th 2009, 11:19

      Where is Grosse Pointe Blank? The best and most surprisingly good fight in a movie ever.

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 17th 2009, 16:30

      im sorry ...rocky 4 is martial arts? I must of missed that meeting. surely the 2 best fights ever are the bone-crunching finales of police story and once upon a time in china

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    • StandingDown

      Oct 18th 2009, 3:53

      I wonder if anyone at total film has checked out the new Indonesian martial arts film Merantau. Seriously good, and has a couple of top notch fight scenes in. I'll wager this movie would make this list once it goes on wider release later this year!

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    • jeffamania

      Oct 18th 2009, 22:42

      overall rubbish list... I agree with many of the choics - agree 1 and 2 are spot on. also love the jackie chan, van dame and seagal nods but rocky 4?!!?!??!? I love Rocky movies for what they are for....but in a martial arts list?!?! You left out these classicss.. in no particular order 1. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon - when the two leading ladies go head to head 2. Matrix - Neo vs Morphues 1st spar or training session 3. Kill Bill - Black Mamba versus crazy 88 4. Best of the Best - final fight scene 5. Who am I - Jackie Chan in roof top fight scene 6. Matrix Reloaded - Neo takes on bunch of werewolfs and vampires 7. gods must be crazy III(Bruce Lee Parody)- great really for comedy reasons 8. Kung Fu Hustle - great for visuals though unreal 9. Lethal Weapon - jet li knocks out riggs and co in one deft move... 10. Karate Kid - any of the final fights from the 3 movies....

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    • alowe

      Oct 19th 2009, 20:06

      @jeffamania: I tried to stick to fights where the opponents were, to some degree, martial artists in real life. Manchurian Candidate had to be there because it's so simultaneously influential and strange/comical. Like all your choices, though - apart from Matrix. And boxing is too a martial art. Ask Bruce Lee, who based a big part of his own system on boxing's emphasis on footwork and hand-speed.

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    • rubymao

      Nov 29th 2009, 6:27

      I think the 20 greatest ones are selected by the authors. His opinion cannot represent the reviews of all of us. I also saw many films. Some of them are really better.

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    • rubymao

      Nov 29th 2009, 6:28

      I think the 20 greatest ones are selected by the authors. His opinion cannot represent the reviews of all of us. I also saw many films. Some of them are really better.

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    • GoDLYOne

      Nov 30th 2009, 10:28

      I agree, Different Strokes 4 Different Folks, kinda like comparing differing opinions & Tastes in Ice Cream...Some Like Vanilla, Some like the more Colorful & UnusuaL Or Exotic...Ala, Differing Tastes, so Stop being a bunch of Whiny Fanboy Cliches...Just being yourself, express your own individuaL Interests, without being aLL: But this guy was the Greatest Etc...Et long as u see it one way, there wiLL always be Differing Opinions...that's Right, Differing "Opinions" so just accept that & Move On, we get it, okays? ha...Seriously, Enlighten us with your Superior Knowledge of Kung Fu Cinema, why don't u, us Sorry "Peons" don't have no F'inG Clue...Neh? Sayonara, and Arrivederchi!!!?

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    • wilsonquan

      Sep 16th 2013, 23:31

      There are many great kung fu films out there, but there are only a few which are excellent films with good fights. What consist of a good fight? I think a good fight consist of what type of kung fu to used, choosing weapons, where is the location and I think the most bloodiest and violence are the best film made. For example like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon film at the island fighting with Shak Kein the old man and his gang, the film are the most violent killing one by one at the kung fu competition, and the location is set at the island surround with water which you can't run anywhere when you are in a kung fu match, you will fight to your death. Only the strong survive the weak will lose or die with no chance of surviving. And the other Bruce Lee film is the Fist of fury his first film, that one is the most violent also because they used many kind of knifes and other weapons in a kung fu match. There are intense killing from start to finish. At the end Bruce challenge the evil kung fu master using a Chinese double knifes for the match, it is a intense scene with blood spills everywhere.

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