The 28 Most Horrifying Movie Moments

Can you handle them all? See the pics, watch the vids...

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    • zoodust

      Sep 7th 2009, 13:49

      nice list! i've seen all of these movies except for "1984", and i think i'm a more complete person because of it! just add the home invasion scene from "henry: portrait of a serial killer" and the dead baby scene from "trainspotting" and you could bring the list to an even 30!

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    • darjeelingmike

      Sep 7th 2009, 18:41

      Fantastic list TF, you've really outdone yourselves with this one - some great films on the list! Personally I would add Pascal Laugier's Martyrs, but not a specific scene - just the whole running time. It really is a horrifying experience to sit through! Not the sort of film to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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    • MaggieWilliams

      Sep 7th 2009, 20:41

      Loving the list guys! Although I didn't think Audition was too worthy of a top 10 contender. I've got to say I'm surprised the Head Bashing of Irreversible wasn't in there. But the Rape Scene totally outweighs that.

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    • marcomick

      Sep 7th 2009, 21:11

      Great list... Nil By Mouth beating of the wife scene is always pretty hard to watch! would have thrown that in there.

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    • Lianzza

      Sep 8th 2009, 8:28

      great job on the list I would say the rape scene from the Accused still makes me feel nauseous and awful though. Also the ending of KIDS.

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    • liam13

      Sep 16th 2009, 0:53

      Definitely a good list of horrifying movie moments; I have seen a handful of them, and do plan to watch the rest. However I regret watching your video clip for Cannibal Holocaust; the scenes of animal torture have been removed from the DVD, luckily, and I wish I hadn't watched the turtle die...

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    • Albertsen

      Sep 17th 2009, 16:54

      Nice list - but where's the fire extinguisher scene from Irreversible? That scene is similar to the bottle scene in Pan's Labyrinth, but much much worse. (Or better, depending how you look at it.)

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    • marvel1

      Oct 25th 2011, 20:34

      Anything with Tom Hanks!! He is the worst actor ever and he's pretty ugly too

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    • FBSAngelique

      Nov 29th 2011, 13:07

      I can't watch says click below, but there's just unclickable empty space, no matter how many times I refresh... :(

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