The 29 Greatest Twin Peaks Moments

The best of Lynch's deaths, demons and donuts...

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    • SimonK

      Mar 22nd 2010, 9:48

      *shivers* Ronette's flashback to Laura's murder still creeps me out more than anything else on telly. Mark of Twin Peaks' quality that there's no room here for Windom Earle, The Log Lady or "New Shoes!"

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    • Mirk79

      Mar 23rd 2010, 1:22

      This is great. Definitely agree with the greatest moment, but one note: Julee Cruise isn't singing "Falling"; the songs in the scene are "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" and "The World Spins".

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    • sebastianlondon

      Mar 26th 2010, 14:43

      where is the scene when Laura's mom (Grace Zambriskie) screams her heart out?

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