The 8 most inappropriate children’s Halloween costumes

Dress your kids as Leatherface!

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Looking for a costume for your kids this Halloween? We're here to help, with some outfits you probably shouldn’t be dressing them in.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re impressive costumes. The child size Texas Chain Saw Massacre outfit, for example, even comes with a mask made out of (replica) human skin – but you have to buy the child size chainsaw separately.
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As for the Hellraiser Butterball costume, we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen such a realistic open chest wound sold to the pre-teen market.
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And if Butterball's not your favourite S&M demon, maybe you should pick up this Chatterer costume, complete with exposed bloody stomach.
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Or perhaps you prefer the big boss, Pinhead himself. After all, what parent hasn't wanted to hammer nails into the head of their first born?
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And in today’s climate, what adult wouldn’t want their child wondering ‘round the streets of blighty wearing a Michael Myers face-mask and wielding a large (replica) butchers’ knife?
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But your kids should be probably exposed to obscure video nasties too, as this Troma influenced mutant costume suggests.
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Either that or they should dress up as dead paedophile.
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Or, you know, a multiple murderer wielding a bloody (replica) machete (sold separately, with realistic sound effects!)
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Just make sure they don't see the films these costumes come from. They're too young for them, you see.


    • SCY385

      Jul 31st 2009, 22:42

      You all have a good point about these costumes. Especially the Freddie one.

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