The Best Of Avatar

We look back at our coverage of James Cameron's epic


James Cameron's Avatar is so close to hitting cinemas that you can probably almost feel the 3D reaching out and poking you.

Now's the perfect time to have a comprehensive Avatar catch-up, and discover all the things that you never knew about James Cameron's sci-fi game-changer, one of the most hyped movies of the decade.


Avatar: The Total Film Review
James Cameron presents... The Future


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11 facts about the most important film of the decade

20 Things We Now Know About Avatar
"It's like dreaming with your eyes open..."

Trailer Breakdown: Avatar
Our take on James Cameron's game-changer...

10 Things You Really Don't Know About Avatar
In the words of James Cameron...

The A-Z Of Avatar
Our extensive guide to the world of James Cameron's latest

Sam Worthington talks Avatar
Exclusive: Sam on the making of the biggest film of the year...

Zoe Saldana On Avatar
Neytiri talks love, language and having fun with James Cameron...

The Story Behind Avatar
From Jim Cameron's brain to our cinemas...


    • DanielMcA

      Feb 15th 2010, 22:46

      @fghjk This is the most insightful and honest review of the film to date. All that stuff about the Hardy bikini and the AF tank woman was spot on. I have to disagree with your repeated assertion that it was wowcool although you do qualify it with a questionmark, so there is some ambivalence there, which is more than we can say about the fanboys at TF.

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