The Curse Of Harrison Ford

Proof Ford isn’t just bad for your career, he can kill it stone-dead…

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    • Rasputin

      Jan 6th 2010, 9:53

      Fair play, that's an interesting trend (tho' perhaps a bit harsh on KST). I know his movie career has completely, completely flopped, but I do recommend Mark Hamill's voicework on Batman: The Animated Series. He's an utterly brilliant Joker (also, Kevin Conroy: best Batman yet). Nice cameo in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, too.

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    • jabbyjay

      Jan 6th 2010, 10:16

      You cannot have KST in this list you just look foolish. On top of the many films she's done recently she won a Bafta and many other awards and nominated for an Oscar for her performance in I've loved you for so long.

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    • SCQ47

      Jan 6th 2010, 14:49

      Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. If you had made more of an effort in doing research instead of pushing bad jokes at the end of every paragraph, you might have learned a little more about these people's careers. Hint: Mark Hamill is not exactly hurting for money. Why? Look it up. You're almost there. Also, he had a recent release in another medium that was a smash hit. Again, look it up. You're not funny enough so at least act professional.

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    • elliottn7

      Jan 6th 2010, 23:12

      KAREN ALLEN has been in tons of excellent and successful films... John Landis "ANIMAL HOUSE" John Carpenter's "STARMAN" Paul Newman's "THE GLASS MENAGERIE" Richard Donner's "SCROOGED" Spike Lee's "MALCOLM X" Wolfgang Petersen's "THE PERFECT STORM" Spielberg's "RAIDERS" and "INDY 4"... She has also won tons of awards on Broadway... I know she isn't an A-list celeb, but the woman has had a long and successful career. Nuff said

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    • Buried At Sea

      Jan 6th 2010, 23:58

      lucky number slevin was quality.

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    • DanRose

      Jan 7th 2010, 15:15

      Er, I think this was done slightly tongue in cheeky people! Calm down. Although I must admit, Harrison does seem to have the bad luck charm, seems though he has turned it onto himself recently...

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    • mcghater

      Jan 7th 2010, 15:35

      yeah well heche had it coming............b1tch

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    • OliJJ

      Jan 7th 2010, 23:19

      Awesome work. If only someone would cast him alongside Ashton Kutcher or Shia Lebeouf.

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    • Teaflax

      Jan 9th 2010, 10:20

      You do realize that "Beware Shia LeBeouf" means that the reaer should fear him, right? I suspect you meant, "Beware, Shia LeBeouf", as in an indicaton for him to feal fear for his career. Comma before a direct address is important as there's a major difference between "Eat, my friends" and "eat my friends", for instance.

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    • SiMan

      Aug 8th 2014, 11:27

      So all those Expendables lot expecting a career resurgence might need to hold off splashing out on any new boats or anything like that then....

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    • CLuther

      Sep 21st 2014, 2:48

      Yeah, Mark Hamill is a pretty prolific VO artist. His career's not hurting; it's just in a different medium now.

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