The Evolution Of Emma Watson

From Mudblood to fashionista



    • BruceShark

      Jul 12th 2011, 10:25

      Love a girl who knows how to handle a wand. Ha Ha Ha. Seriously though the only decent thing to come out of the Harry Potter films. Out of the three leads I think she'll go the furthest.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 12th 2011, 23:09

      do me a favour, saying Watson is the best of the bunch is like saying Albert Speer was the nicest Nazi...they are all horrible.But fairpplay to Radcliffe for pursing a geunine acting career in theatre and not gettin bloated off his reported £35 million

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    • ChrisWootton

      Jul 13th 2011, 9:56

      "I think Emma Watson is a fantastic actress, who is more of a fashion Icon then a real actress, shame really because I think her whole film career has being over shadowed by the Harry Potter films" Erm.... Her whole career HAS been the Harry Potter films. And none of them can act for s**t... in anything

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    • QuietLife

      Jul 13th 2011, 12:50

      Haha, gotta love the "Like this? Then try..." suggestions below! Emma Stone to be in Zombieland?!? Can't wait until that comes out! :)

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    • timkins

      Jul 13th 2011, 17:00

      She's infintely richer and more famous then anyone on this thread. And she always will be.

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    • FBNLomako

      Jan 12th 2012, 2:30

      ahem......the film that they were working on in 1957 was NOT CALLED "the prince and me", it was called "the prince and the SHOWGIRL"! if one is a fan of olivier, branagh, monroe or even cinema overall one should be offended!

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