The Evolution Of Jennifer Connelly

From buxom beauty to leading lady, Connelly's come a long way...

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    • jws1272

      Oct 29th 2009, 10:20

      Ummm, you guys left out one from earlier with some SERIOUS "baps" action....Jennifer's sultry, hot-as-hell turn in 1990's "The Hot Spot".

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    • ChrisWootton

      Oct 29th 2009, 11:34

      I agree, the only one where you actually get to see said baps!

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    • mic2803

      Oct 29th 2009, 11:34

      i try to tell myself that Total Film isnt strictly a lads magazine. but after reading this i am definately let down. thought you guys wrote with a bit of class and/or intelligence. normally an article like this could be filled with some decent smut but still feel like im not reading nuts magazine.

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    • whateverman

      Oct 29th 2009, 11:41 I just found this bap action from jenifer!

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    • Badgeman

      Oct 29th 2009, 19:02

      I've seen you guys take a lot of grief on this site and up until now I've always defended you - in my own mind at least. But with this 'feature' you've finally driven away someone that has bought every single edition since Clooney was on the cover dressed as a bat. This really is poor level smut / dirt. I actually itwould be a decent and insightful examination as to how Jennifer has gotten to be the award winning actress she is today. I'm genuinely shocked (and I don't consider myself a prude by any stretch). I can't believe you're talking about what boils down to the growth of her t**s. Jesus Christ guys, she's a f*****g child on the first couple of pages. Huge misjudgement on your part this time round I'm afraid. I'm finally now seeing where all the recent comparisons to Nuts, Zoo et al are coming from. Puerile, lazy and hugely inappropriate - however you try and dress it up. Shame that the first comments I've ever posted will be my last. Get it together - sack whoever put this through (and no, I am definitely NOT a Mail reading reactionary). For shame TF

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    • junebug

      Oct 29th 2009, 21:06

      TF, I am ashamed. Ashamed that I subscribe to a magazine that has started to debase women on such a regular basis. Jennifer Connelly is an actress. She isn't not a piece of meat that deserves to have her 'baps' discussed in relation to her acting ability. It really saddens me that the misogyny displayed above is apparently mistaken for serious film journalism on this site now.

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    • hughjass1970

      Oct 29th 2009, 22:19

      A fine and fitting tribute to one of Hollywoods great beauties imo. To those people knocking this article, go read one of those more arty film mags!

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    • veers

      Oct 29th 2009, 23:35

      I am still under the impression that this article is not to be taken seriously. C'mon, the author's name is *Lucy* Patterson! Unless she's lesbian (or a curiously named man), this is a joke some people just did not get.

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    • ManMadeMonkey

      Oct 30th 2009, 14:07

      Thank you for this amusing article. Thats all it is people, a bit of fun so please lighten up and laugh a bit more. Try to enjoy more of life rather than signing into a website just to complain. Unless of course you are complaining about Tropic Thunder, then I applaud you. (I realise it is off topic but I really hate that film and like to give it a hard time at every chance)

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