The Friday Question

Who should play Wonder Woman?

This week a fake viral campaign promoting Megan Fox as Wonder Woman struck the internet with the intensity of, uh, a 9-volt battery being placed on a tongue.

Okay, so it hardly made a big splash, but it did get us thinking about who should really play Wonder Woman in the new movie.

So what do you think? Do we need a unknown woman to make the role her own? A young thesp that will bring weight to the role? Or any old starlet with an hourglass figure that doesn’t mind being plastered on walls of boy’s bedrooms. And offices of movies websites.

Debate and debate below.


    • sowasred2012

      Nov 7th 2008, 13:39

      I think Jessica Biel with some hair dye, since she's hard as nails and stunning.

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    • DSlex

      Nov 7th 2008, 14:16

      Get Beyonce!!!

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    • kc108686815

      Nov 7th 2008, 15:42

      Eliza Dushku!

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    • Snuggly

      Nov 7th 2008, 22:37

      Beckinsale, no question. See previously available fancy dress photos from last year. Sold!

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    • Boogiepop

      Nov 9th 2008, 2:03

      Evan Rachel Wood I think could fit the role of a young Wonder Woman. And going off point, if the Greek Gods get featured I'd love to see Monica Bellucci as Hera & Angelina Jolie as Aphrodite!!

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