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    • stephensocks

      Nov 1st 2011, 16:12

      I was hoping that the films would be split up - maybe randomly cutting through books two and three. Unlike Harry Potter, each book isn't a year of school, the whole affair is less than two years and pretty much non-stop (barring all those intermittent periods in which Katniss on the mend and holed up in various places). I can't think of where they would cut up the books but I always thought the end of the first book was a wee bit lacklustre. If I hadn't read the books back-to-back and not had to wait over a year for book two, I'd have been a little p********f, so hopefully the end of the first film will place somewhere else. I am definitely in the 99% that disliked the trailer as well. On top of not much going on, I got a sickly Twilight vibe (no, not just because there's trees). It felt far too tame. And that's why I don't like the PG13 rating either. Sure the books are aimed at young adults (12+ I guess) but part of the atrocity of the story and message is a lot of its grim events and I reckon that has to be in the films as well and not just alluded to. Though, with the BBFC's recent ratings and some of the things that people get away with in 12A's and the such, this worry may be moot anyway. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of faith in this, I just wish that trailer had been better and Ross wasn't trying to put out fires everywhere by smoothing over his 'PG13' statements. May the odds ever be in this film's favour.

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    • stephensocks

      Nov 1st 2011, 16:33

      Ugh. Sorry for looking like I'm spamming the place up.. I didn't realize the comment would be squashed into one big messy paragraph..

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    • JohnNorris

      Nov 4th 2011, 12:03

      The third book is called "Mockingjay" not "Mockingbird" Please correct.

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