The Making Of American Mary

The Soska sisters talk body modification horror...

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    • DaveyMay

      Jan 23rd 2013, 13:14

      Page 2 - I guess you mean 'Twins' - not 'Twits'.....if it is the latter - bit harsh dont you think :)

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    • sashurst

      Jan 23rd 2013, 16:36

      @DaveyMay Katie did actually say 'twits' but she had a very affectionate tone that doesn't really come across in print :)

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    • DaveyMay

      Jan 23rd 2013, 16:51

      Haha - OK, thats fair enough then :) Must say I am looking forward to this film - sounds excellent; cannot wait :)

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    • morleysaurus

      Jan 23rd 2013, 18:05

      Haha, but they are total twits. LOL!! I'd actually like Jen and Sylv to make The Twits, I think they would do Roald Dahl so f*****g good!! Haha. ;)

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