The Making Of Thor

Or how Kenneth Branagh broke the blocks

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    • elgar7

      Apr 27th 2011, 7:49

      Such a good film, saw this with my girl friend and she loved it. As pointed out in the feature there are really subtle reference's to Shakespeare (particular Henry V I believe?) and that was brilliant step for the characters. Yes it was camp and cheesy (particularly in the town at the end) but heck they recognised it was and made the film purposefully humorous to correlate with this. I give it four stars :)

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 27th 2011, 14:12

      Thats a relief , most of the reviews I've read have been positive. A stroke of genius from Marvel producers to hire Branagh and not hacks-for-hire Mark Steven Johnson and Len (not-so) Wiseman

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    • yawaramin

      Apr 29th 2011, 5:14

      A little nitpick: on page 8 (God of Gods), Odin shouldn't be King of the `Asgards', but either king of the Aesir (which is what the Asgardian race is called) or just King of Asgard.

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    • lolaarcana

      May 2nd 2011, 19:35

      I loved this film, it was completely entertaining and perfectly cast. I thought Loki stole the show!

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    • Morituri

      May 9th 2011, 21:33

      Thor was always my favorite american comic and I waited patiently for Hollywood to give it the treatment it deserved. I was rather unsure about Kenneth Branagh directing this as I never rated him as a director, expecially after his Frankenstein, beautiful looking but flawed and boring treatment. To my delighted I was blown away by a great great piece of entertainment. The whole film was perfectly cast, expecially Thor. I can see now the decision to give Branagh the helm was a brave risk but it worked perfectly, I guess due to the combination of Branagh shakespearean skills and the tight framework of a hollywood studio. I look forward to a sequel.

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