The Raid 2 Poster Competition Winners

The results are in…

We're rather big fans of The Raid 2 here at Total Film (five star review here).

So when it came to hosting a competiiton for fans to create their own posters, we couldn't resist.

Not only did the winner get an Xbox One, but the top ten are being printed and hung in London's iconic Ritzy Cinema.

Legendary artist Jock judged the entries, and here are The Raid winners (with comments from Jock himself!). Congratulations to all who entered!



"Although this piece doesn’t necessarily have my favourite use of type, to me the image itself conjures the insane, over the top tone of the fight sequences in the film. Hectic, busy and brutal - perfect!”



By Richard Davies

"Classic shot with great tone."


By Alfin Nural Imam

"Love the style of this."


By Nader Hussain

“Really inventive. But I hope that’s not real blood...“



By Moses Aaron Nathaniel Felizmenio


By Steve Wrench


By Kode Abdo


By Hasan Bajwa


By Todor Hristov

 The Raid 2 is in UK cinemas now. 

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