The Story Behind Super 8

Behind the scenes with Abrams and Spielberg

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    • Genlock

      Aug 3rd 2011, 15:32

      I saw the film last Monday in a sneak preview and it is absolutely amazing! It's a great adventure film with a big heart and JJ Abrams and Spielberg are a match made in movie heaven. It also has one of the most psectacular train crashen I have ever seen on a screen... Go see it!

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    • DonisFun

      Aug 7th 2011, 18:35

      Have to agree with Genlock, the film is amazing, it takes you back to the adventure / sci-fi films I watched as a kid. As most films have been awful this year I did fear that Super 8 would follow the trend but it hasn't, it's really worth watching as it lives up to it's hype.

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