The Week's Best Movie Virals, Memes & Gifs

Iron Man photoshop stupidity, Gosling tea towels & more


What a week it's been - not only have we had the Oscars (and all the gifs and pictures that came with it - more on the above later), but the release of a new Iron Man poster sparked internet gold, too.

Join us as we run through the week's best movie internet comedy and creative genius.


Sure, we should all take time to congratulate Jennifer Lawrence on winning a well-deserved Oscar at such a young age.

But really, the story of the night became more about her ridiculous reactive brilliance than the performance that won her the gong.


Example 1

Her reaction to Jack Nicholson interrupting her interview.



Example 2

Her reaction to Hugh Jackman going to save her after she fell over.



Example 3

Her reaction to stupid questions at the press conference.



Example 4

The fact that BuzzFeed twigged that even when she's falling flat on her face, she's still comparable to a Disney princess.


And here's a bonus picture showing how Ang Lee likes to celebrate winning an Oscar - in style.



This week, we've seen a host of new Iron Man 3 posters (check them all out here). But while we can't deny the brilliance of some of the originals, it's the 'amended' versions that we're really digging.


(Via @HallTwelve12)


(Via @Giruaro)


Even when he's confronted with a dish towel made up of his face, he's charm personified. 

We repeat - even when he's confronted WITH A DISH TOWEL MADE UP OF HIS FACE. How he doesn't run screaming is beyond us.



Let's see that again, in close-up.


Considering how beautiful and mesmerising Stoker is as a feature film, it's perhaps no surprise that the clever clogs at Fox have opted for a unique gif trailer that's equally as entrancing.



Someone's managed to create the ultimate Twilightgif wall. Fans will love reliving classic franchise moments. Non-fans will enjoy watching Twilight characters being ripped apart.

(For those and more decapitation-y fun, click here)

Did we miss any Oscars moments of comedy gold? Love the Iron Man 3 photoshoppery? Let us know below...


    • scotthillier

      Mar 1st 2013, 13:28

      You forgot Jennifer Lawrence's awesome reaction to Seth Macfarlane's Boobs Song compared to Charlize Theron's reaction. I'd post animated gifs, but it's fail on not being able to have links in replies.

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    • thedanieljson

      Mar 1st 2013, 15:06

      I love this regular feature, todays was a particularly good one too. I love how just, NORMAL Jennifer Laurence is. She doesn't act like she's a celebrity and its refreshing.

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    • chriscollins

      Mar 1st 2013, 17:52

      schotthillier, you mean her pre-scripted reaction that was supposed to be better? Why does everyone seem to keep forgetting that.

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 1st 2013, 18:04

      Theres no way to make Gwyneth Paltrow look remotely interesting.

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    • Ichi1

      Mar 5th 2013, 19:56

      Ang Lee eating a Double Double. Awesome.

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