Thor: The Dark World Cast Thor 3 Wishlist

What Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman want to see…

We sat down to talk The Dark World with the cast of Thor 2 (and producer Kevin Feige) and while we were there, we thought we'd get the first word on Thor 3.

To find out what Hiddleston, Hemsworth, Portman and Dennings want to happen to their characters, and to find out what Feige's planning for the film, click the video below.  

Thor: The Dark World is out now!

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    • conspiracyin559

      Nov 3rd 2013, 21:31

      Good God's Portman is as wooden out of character as in...; Kat on the other hand seems to still be in love with the job...and yes, has an amazing friggin rack.

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