Tim Roth: A Career In Four Minutes

The British actor takes us through his biggest screen roles

Tim Roth is one of Britain’s most diverse character actors, so much so that some of his best-known work is in iconic American movies that sit alongside homegrown projects on his CV.

He returns to UK soil for Broken, an urban drama that opens in the UK on 8 March 2013. He plays Archie, the lawyer father of the film’s central player Skunk (feisty newcomer Eloise Laurence), and together they live in a confined cul-de-sac that serves as something of a social petri dish.

Roth made his acting debut as a violent skinhead in Alan Clarke’s Made In Britain, and went on to become one of Quentin Tarantino’s key fixtures. Refreshingly, Roth’s as open when talking about his big studio pictures (like The Incredible Hulk) as he is with the more low-key work.

Watch the video below for a personal, anecdote-stuffed tour through Tim Roth’s movie life in just four minutes:




Broken is in UK cinemas from 8 March 2013.

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