Top 10 Special Forces Units On Film

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    • chrismul

      Oct 4th 2013, 17:06

      In my opinion, it seems that Act Of Valour has been heavily over-looked. Particularly given that Zero Dark Thirty has been included, simply glorifying the assault on Bin Laden's residence. Act Of Valour used real navy seal techniques, as well as including decorated individuals into filming. Hands down, arguably one of the most relevant special forces films ever made. Not to mention the fact that it's not simply another Hollywood effort, with unrealistic stunts.

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    • MRNasher

      Oct 4th 2013, 17:37

      Ah I see what you did there.. you actually meant "A generic and barely researched list of 10 movies with special forces in them to advertise a game".

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 5th 2013, 22:26

      yep.. whor-mercials dressed as features.

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