Total Film Magazine - Issue 170

The reboot of the year...



    • flippant

      Jul 9th 2010, 23:05

      Gosh! More and bigger pictures, fewer words! Will I get a break on the cost of the mag as there's less and less to actually READ in it??

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    • dalebiskit

      Jul 10th 2010, 18:20

      I always bought total film exactly because it wasn't empire - I just don't like the way it looks, the writing (which also seems to have taken a hit this issue) never seems as good. not much difference now, is there?

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    • MikeyRix

      Jul 12th 2010, 21:31

      I agree with dalebiskit. What's up, Total Film? Did someone deliver a bottle of Jealousy and a subscription to the Bitter Pill to your offices lately with regards to Empire? Did you decide to become sheep to the aforementioned magazine? You know how you talked about Hollywood "reboots" being unnecessary to the film world...well...I wish I could say different to your "reboot".

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    • mikefrozen

      Jul 19th 2010, 19:29

      well you asked for an opinion on the new look magazine so here goes.having bought every issue of your magazine since the start i have seen all of your redesigns and this one just looks like tou let loose a five year old without supervision and just accepted the consequences, i also dont read empire because of its patronising attitude to its readers so its a shame that you are just catering for the inconsiderate fools who want to ruin the cinema experience .mikefrozen

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