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The Hobbit heads up our 2012 preview...

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    • aragorn01

      Dec 25th 2011, 10:57

      i can't believe any picture of Marvel's THE AVENGERS is not featured on the COVER..!!! is it a british thang..??? cuz prometheus is Ridley Scott, the Spidey reboot got Andrew Garfield, TDKR and Hobbit, both got mostly british cast and well, there's Harry Potter himself in a new role. as for the's a feature on a current movie. whuzzup widis..??? c'mon...we all know The Avengers's gonna be THE biggest movie, next year. well, at least, right after The Hobbit. then again..since Hobbit's gonna be divided into two, this first part might not be as big as it should be. but, come ONNNN...Avengers gonna RULE next year's box office. domestic AND global. BET on it.

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