Trash Talk: Motel Hell review

Satan's landlord gets the Trash Talk treatment...


Welcome to the final episode in this series of Trash Talk.

Next week resident exploitation expert Sam Ashurst is off to the Cannes Film Festival, so he won’t be able to deconstruct some of the most awesome trash flicks of the ‘80s. And occasionally the ‘70s. But he will be delivering awesome daily videos from France, so that's good.

Before he goes, he’d like to share the insanity of Motel Hell with you. And, fear not, he’ll be back soon for a second series of movie rubbish...


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    • chriskilmartin

      May 6th 2010, 13:29

      interesting idea but badly made (sound/voice/person/copying other things/too much black screen) maybe just do a simple naration and not try and sound funny

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    • bazzaedwards

      May 6th 2010, 13:48

      Such A Classic..bonafide classic. A1.

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    • MadMatt

      May 7th 2010, 16:55

      I love these videos Sam, but why do you narrate them as if you're auditioning for a job at a phone-sex line?

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