Twitter Debate: What Should Predator 3 Be About?

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This week, we asked Tweeters to describe their ideal Predator 3 / Predators plot. Here's some of the genius responses we recieved in return.

Prequel, predator v native americans v british v french, basically the last of the mochians with a couple of predators thrown in @Monodogg
Or, if it could be done - Preds kidnap people to hunt on their home planet! B-movie cheese! @destroytheearth
Set in the future with a more scientifically advanced human race. All out war on several fronts - earth/space/ships - new weapons @eyecraveshane
Set in tokyo, melding blade runner look with aliens, preds take on yakuza, lots of sumo deaths, the rock and stath take em down! @robbyrichmond
Turf-war on Earth between Predator cultures - the originals we know and tribe of exiled evolutionary off-shoots. @manfromthezoo
Arnie, Sigourney Weaver and Danny Glover lead an army to Predator homeworld that is now co-habited by Aliens to destroy them all. @bbcexpat
Make it an equivalent to Aliens (ignoring sequels so far)-a 'crack team' goes to the jungle to find out what the hell happened! @mattmaytum
Predator 3 And A Baby: Predator hunts 3 biggest stars of the '80s, Selleck, Guttenberg, Danson. Accidentally impregnates Danson. @samashurst
Predator Camp: The Predator goes to a run-down summer camp and sets up a make-or-break boat race with the snobs' camp next door @SuperKaylo
Predator turns up in modern day California to do battle with the evil Governor who killed his brother @formulaic666

A bunch of Predators threaten Robert Rodriguez into commiting to filming something original. @stonecypher
Arnie returns after being bitten by a Predator, turns into a half human/predator thing that rampages in NYC everyone dies the end @Jones_uk
Comes to Earth, kills the director and producer, film never gets made. The end :) @roguetrooperr
Arnold Schwarzenegger, now host of the Running Man show, realises that his contestants are being picked off 1 by 1 @blockbusterbuzz
Meet the Predators. The Predator has to meet his human girlfriend's father (Robert DeNiro) @SuperKaylo (again!)
Predator father/son bonding hunt, father accidentally hurt by old animal trap, son has to find help and/or return home @Selivia
Danny Glover and The Stath team up to hunt a Predator around London. Buddy movie and roundhouse kicks. A winner!!! @gezagonk1977
Wedding Predators - Owen Wilson and the Predator crash weddings to prey on large Austrian woman and steal their skulls. @mansonovic
It should be a hilarious rom-com where a guy pre-dates girls to vet them for his best friend, but ends up falling for one himself @MikeChannell
Big Brother House 28 days later style. they leave the house and find every1 is dead by predator and must fight!!!  @Amezzeray
Predator 3 - A group of Predators come to Earth, bent on revenge and killing the idiots who make a mockery of them & their films! @JonRedworth


    • ThrashGordon

      Apr 29th 2009, 16:12

      hahaha, awesome ideas here. Especially like the Predator 'summer camp' and Wedding Crashers idea. lmao

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    • gpackham

      May 1st 2009, 2:01

      They should do a 'generation kill' type predator film. predators like war torn hell holes. ones lands in afghanistan takes out most of an allied and an afghan unit. the remaining few soldiers have to band together with the last few afghans to kill predator using limited ammo and old school techniques.

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    • Chrisic

      May 4th 2009, 13:52

      Why are some of you coming up with stupid plot lines? Just because something is being remade or 'rebooted' doesn't always mean it's going to be terrible. Granted most remakes are poor, but Robert is decent director and I think he can do something impressive for the franchise. I like the sound of the native American idea or maybe the a Mayan civilization would be better, since there's tie ins with aliens and their spaceships in Mayan culture. I think they he should go backwards and forget this huge budget blockbuster set in the future. One it's cheesy and two you simply can't make a piece of ideological genius when the content of your film contains lasers and high tech humans. Take it back to the begging and make it memorable.

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    • JustTheJedi

      Jun 5th 2009, 17:25

      How about a new alien species slightly more powerful than the predator due to higher numbers have overwhelmed the predators on their home world and now look to Earth as their new home? Here they can wipe out most of mankind and re-build their army/numbers then launch a counter attack to get their old planet back. But doing this they expose earth to this new alien species and the only way of beating them is form an alliance with the remaining humans.

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    • jamescarmichael

      Jan 21st 2013, 5:35

      How about a predator is hunting some soldiers and falls into a trap where the soldiers ambush him and rape him and the Predator gets changed by the experience and becomes an advocate for non-violence. Or maybe the Earth Humans get sick of the limited scope of the premise being used to create a whole franchise and they go over to the predator planet and kill them all as revenge. Or maybe instead of Predator 3 some writers and designers come up with a new monster and situation that digs into your primal emotions in a fresh way. Granted most remakes are poor, but let's get excited about them and give them the benefit of the doubt over and over again until we all give up and lower our standards for story telling.

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    • magisterphillip

      Oct 23rd 2013, 8:34

      It's failry obvious that the only rational plot for Predator 3 is a Spiderman Batman Crossover.

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