Video: Iron Man 3 Spoiler-Filled Analysis

The Total Film team discuss the Marvel threequel in-depth

With Iron Man 3 out in the UK, most of Europe and South America now (sorry US friends), the Total Film team decided to sit down and scrutinise the threequel in minutely geeky detail.

Now, before you go any further and even think about clicking on the play button below, be warned: the discussion is MASSIVELY, MASSIVELY SPOILERY.

If you haven’t already seen the film, avoid watching the video at all costs - not only will it diminish some or IM3’s most thrilling surprises, it also probably won’t make a whole lot of sense. The whole point of it is to start up a big ol’ debate AFTER you’ve seen the film.

So, if you’re still reading, we’re going to have to presume that you have your Iron Man 3 ticket stub in your pocket, and are ready to get involved.

Watch on for Team TF’s in-depth look into the characters, action and twists of Iron Man 3, and an answer to the ultimate question, ‘Is it better than Avengers Assemble?’

Watch Total Film’s Spoilerific Iron Man 3 Analysis, below:

Iron Man 3 is out in the UK now. It hits US cinemas on 3 May 2013.

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    • martinsvennaes

      Apr 26th 2013, 10:42

      SPOILER ALERT: NB: Long comment: There is, how ever, a question at the bottom if anyone would be so kind as to have a look at that;) First of all: I messed up! I forgot that these movies always include post-credits scenes. It came to me after I left the cinema. But after watching your video I gather that this has something to do with a phonecall between Tony and Bruce Banner/Hulk/Mark Rufallo? Is this correct? And does the call in itself happen sometime during the movie? If that's the case, when? Secondly: The truth about the Mandarin. Loved it! I had a feeling of what would happen, simply because I felt strange that Tony would end up batteling two great forces (Mandarin+Killian) at once, plus all the minions (I mean: Didn't Marvel learn tht the hard way in Spider-Man 3?). Thirdly (Okay, I'll stop counting now): The suits/backup. A bit much by now, I think. And also: A few illogical things happening. We'v seen metal men beating eachother up in te last two movies, so in my opinion they could at least have toned it down, and removed about ten of them. Another reason for that is that we've seen Tony's suit hold up against Thors hammer, Whiplash's whips (which could actually slice cars), weapons of all sorts etc. Suddenly a glowing man is able to bring it down and destroy it simply by hitting it with a pipe? They get smashed be speeding trucks? Did Tony stop caring about quality at some point? Glowing hot men or not: Twenty Iron-men should ave been able to vaporize them from a safe distance without spending more than 2% power. But then again: Logic isn't the most important thing here, is it? Apart from the fact that I would have liked to see a bit less of the Iron-army at the end, I loved this movie!! Just loved it! QUESTION: What did you make of the ending? WHere tony no longer has his implanted arc-reactor, no suits, and no home, but finishes by saying:"There is one thing you can't take away from me: I am Iron-Man?" Will he start it all over again, or what? I guess ther may not be an IM4, but I can't really envision the Avengers 2 without Iron-Man.

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    • SiMan

      Apr 26th 2013, 17:26

      @martinsvennaes - the post-credits scene was an amusing little moment with Stark and Banner, but i'd say it wasn't really worth hanging around five minutes at the cinema to see. Your question about the ending, i'd bet that RDJ is going to be in the Avengers 2, but one interesting thing was that at the absolute, very end (ie, after the post-credits scene) it did say 'Tony Stark will Return'. Not Iron man will return, 'Tony Stark'. I thought that was very interesting. I doubt Marvel will allow their biggest crowd-drawer to not appear though, so i reckon the suit will return in the future. I'm hoping they introduce the bit from the comics where, due to nano-technology, the suit is 'inside' Tony and can 'form' on him at will.

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    • TMLS313

      Apr 27th 2013, 17:15

      Agree with SiMan, I think as part of figuring out how to "cure" Pepper, Stark would have adapted Extremis into suit delivery somehow - leading to a future scene along the lines of "You haven't even got your suit" "I am the suit" (but written better!). And Martin, it wasn't a phonecall - it was a therapy session with the characters together.

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    • Andy85

      Apr 28th 2013, 20:16

      People are going to hate me for this and I am currently the only person I know who feels this way but I really didn't enjoy IM3 as much as I thought I was going to. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is a bad film and the humour was brilliant but there was far too much time out of the suit for me. I wouldn't want to go and see MOS and expect to watch Clark Kent for 80% of the film and that's how I feel about this one, too much talk and not enough action, I was dissapointed and let down and as far as I'm concerned, Avengers p**ses all over it. Preferred the first Iron Man by far. Kudos to the Mandarin twist though that was pretty genious.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Apr 29th 2013, 11:33

      I'm a bit surprised that TF has included so may spoilerific articles for Iron Man 3 before a full global release - but hey, it's the internet so don't come here if you don't want to read spoilers, I guess. Anyway, back to Iron Man 3. This one was an absolute blast; more fun than the first one and light years ahead of the second. I think it is unfair to compare it to The Avengers but if I have to then I would say . The laughs, action and drama are perfectly paced with The Mandarin character a complete delight. It doesn't matter who claims to be The Mandarin at the end of the film but it was certainly a brave move by the filmmakers. The ending to me didn't really feel like the end of Tony Stark's arch but more a sly move by Marvel. This could be the last time we see RDJ in the role as this film marks the end of his contractual obligations. I feel sorry for the actor who has to follow up RDJ in this role as Downey IS Tony Stark. He took a character from the Z to the A list.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 30th 2013, 16:52

      IM3 better than The Avengers wtf are these guys on ?

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    • FBKDrury

      May 3rd 2013, 19:19

      I'm sorry all. Up to the part when his house was destroyed i was enjoying it. The first niggle was that the suit wasn't ready for flight but it decided it was when half the house was on top of him. I know Jarvis can fix anything but stupid escapes annoy me. Was i the only person enjoying the Mandarin character when he was bad? The twist totally ruined the film for me. Pathetic toilet jokes - come on? I spent the rest of the film in a rage and hated every second thereon. Looking at the general reviews most people loved it. I wasn't one of 'em. 3/10.

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