We're The Millers: Jason Sudeikis Interview

Horrible Bosses 2, drug-smuggling celebs and more

Jason Sudeikis has had a pretty illustrious comedy career - from Saturday Night Live to Horrible Bosses, and a few fair smash movie hits along the way, his latest We're The Millers continues the raucous, raunchy vein.

We sat down with the star of the new Jennifer Aniston-stripping, drug-smuggling R-rated comedy to discuss which of his celebrity pals he'd choose to smuggle drugs across a border with, the latest word on Horrible Bosses 2, and his love of British TV and movie comedy.

We're The Millers hits UK cinemas from Friday 23 August 2013.

Love Sudeikis? Would you like to see him do more British comedy? Let us know below...


    • CharsmatcEngma

      Aug 21st 2013, 12:17

      I just want to say i absolutely hate this man and that he is so f*****g unfunny it makes my mind boggle how anyone finds him even remotely bearable, ugh.

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