X-Men Days Of Future Past: Complete Guide

All the details on Bryan Singer's First Class sequel

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    • marvelboy

      May 8th 2013, 11:53

      I must say Total Film, with all that's going on the DOFP it's good to see this! And I know some people are unsure about this film but I think it will be epic. A bit disappointing that more o first Class cast aren't returning, especially Havok would have worked for linking the Summer Brothers together - maybe the cut cast will return for another outing in a less complicated story (I for one would love a Mr Sinister story) . But 2014 looks a good year for Marvel - GoG, DoFP, Cap:Winter solider, and Amazing spider-man 2 - Bring it on !

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    • marvelboy

      May 8th 2013, 12:04

      Ps.Oh Yeah Singer, with characters dropped please explain this, unlike nightcrawler who just, we teleported out of action with no reference what so ever

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    • SiMan

      May 8th 2013, 13:13

      Interesting point about where the franchise(s) are heading. I personally would love there to be references to the other Marvel movies in all the different studios output. I'm also curious to know where the X-Men films will go following this. Will we only be sticking with the First Class team? or is there potential for X-Men 4? (if so, i hope they manage to bring Cyclops back and give him the on screen persona he should have had in the last films - just hope they don't centralise it totally on Wolverine again. He is the best character, but it should be about the team).

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    • WarrenW

      May 8th 2013, 14:58

      This sequel will be the first real epic x-men movie of the whole franchise, Im sure. Bryan back, top noth crew and impressive cast. And Im intrigued with it being shooted in 3D and using Simulcan.

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    • gregcelentano

      May 28th 2013, 8:24

      This movie is going to be the worst of a long string of bad adaptations. DoFP is a simple story, Singer, with his penchant for doing what he wants and not what should be done, has already ruined it by throwing in so many characters that have absolutely nothing to do with the original story. Like the other 2 movies done by him it's going to be an X-Men film in name only. Hopefully, this will be the final nail in the coffin and Marvel will get the rights back and we can have a REAL X-Men film in the near future.

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