Your Top 30 Films Of The Decade

The votes are in! And the winners are...


A few weeks ago, the Total Film staffers named their favourite movies of the decade.

Then we asked you - the readers/browsers/clickers - to do likewise.

The results are below. Lots of crossover, but also plenty of surprises...


30. Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003)


29. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002)


28. Up (2009)


27. Let The Right One In (2009)


26. Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)


25. Finding Nemo (2004)


24. Lost In Translation (2003)


23. Children Of Men (2006)



22. District 9 (2009)


21. Dead Man's Shoes (2004)


20. Inglourious Basterds (2009)


19. Amelie (2001)


18. Kill Bill 1&2 (2002/2003)


17. Sin City (2005)


16. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)


15. City Of God (2004)


14. Oldboy (2003)


13. The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)



12. Donnie Darko (2001)


11. The Departed (2006)


10. Memento (2000)


9. Pan's Labyrinth (2006)


8. Wall-E (2008)


7. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)


6. No Country For Old Men (2008)


5. Gladiator (2000)


4. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003)



3. There Will Be Blood (2008)


2. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy (2001-2003)


1. The Dark Knight (2008)


Let us know what you think of the choices in the Comments - and via Twitter and Facebook.


    • woombo

      Dec 14th 2009, 16:59

      Would it not make more sense to combine the Lord of the Rings entries? Rather than having them individually, and as a trilogy?

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    • JPDisco

      Dec 14th 2009, 17:16

      I'm sure it's cheating having The Lord Of The Rings in there four times....

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    • ashtemple

      Dec 14th 2009, 20:22

      Great article, but why not have Lord of Rings in 8 times? you've forgotten the extended versions and the extended trilogy! Off to watch Up again, Loves IT!

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    • bentgaga

      Dec 14th 2009, 23:12

      LOTR 4 times.. Really?? There were 3.

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    • RobWinton

      Dec 15th 2009, 8:22

      Have you looked at the list bentgaga? It's in there 4 times.

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    • bentgaga

      Dec 16th 2009, 5:37

      pretty sure thats what I said

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    • tomsever

      Dec 18th 2009, 12:07

      No Borat? Disappointed Dont know why people are obssessed with LOTR

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    • thedarkknight

      Dec 18th 2009, 13:00

      3 s**t movies, 4 entries. Absolute bollocks.

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    • yerarse

      Dec 18th 2009, 15:23

      I really really hate The departed. Has any one see the original? sadly missing Spirted away too. I agree with to much LOTR. Yes even the trees walked in that movie.

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    • zpider242

      Dec 18th 2009, 16:34

      The Dull Knight No. 1, really? I'm lost for words. I'm glad Let The Right One In made it though.

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    • Balsley

      Dec 19th 2009, 23:42

      why no love for Batman Begins?? Until Dark Knight took the title, Batman Begins was the best superhero movie. Its greatness tends to be forget/overshadowed by Dark Knight.

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    • kevinrules

      Dec 20th 2009, 12:44

      Four times Lord of the Rings? Nice... Let's do the list again, and count all THREE movies as one, ok?

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    • starwars4life

      Dec 20th 2009, 16:23

      dark knight, donnie darko, sin city - brilliant! but where is the machinist?!!! why do so few appreciate the machinist nowadays???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • MikeyRix

      Dec 20th 2009, 17:36

      "There Will Be Blood" at #3? Really? What a s**te film that was. And where, pray tell, was "The Orphanage"? Good to see "Kill Bill" in there, mind.

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    • ColouredPurple

      Dec 21st 2009, 12:45

      Why??? I could have lived with The Lord of The Rings having three seperate entries (although it does jar when Kill Bill has only one) but FOUR is pushing it. Tat's one spot another great movie was robbed from. I nominate The Family Friend.

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    • Agent69

      Dec 31st 2009, 9:21

      #1 sucks, but the rest of the list is pretty good.

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    • lozawitt

      Dec 31st 2009, 10:05

      You know I can understand your love in with lord of the rings and can deal with that but Inglourious Basterds what!! Its not a bad film by any means but a film of the decade??

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    • minorityreport

      Dec 31st 2009, 10:29

      Yes, The Departed is totally overrated and not a patch on the original. I love LOTR, but 4 spots is pushing it. No Spirited Away? No Brick? And where the hell is the Bourne trilogy?!?

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    • minorityreport

      Dec 31st 2009, 10:52

      The Departed is overrated and not a patch on the original. I love LOTR but 4 entries is pushing it. No Spirited Away? No Brick? And where are the Bourne films?

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    • graverobber666

      Dec 31st 2009, 11:44

      Cracking list everyone who contributed! Good to see some of my fave films in there! Would have had Donnie Darko higher and Sweeney Todd in there (tis my fave film after all!) but no argument (and just trying to look cool) here for Dark Knight as Number One! Totally deserved winner! I was dreading all the morons who liked Avatar were going to make that number one.

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    • moneebear

      Dec 31st 2009, 14:58

      It's left off most people's Top 10 of the decade, but how did Mulholland Dr. not crack a Top 30?!?!

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    • darjeelingmike

      Dec 31st 2009, 15:32

      God help the real cinema fans out there. I don't know who voted for this stuff, but their taste is pretty average in my opinion and LOTR having 4 spots is ABSURD! Where is A.I., The Royal Tenenbaums, Half Nelson, Zodiac, The Assassination Of Jesse James, Moon, Ichi The Killer, Coraline, Y Tu Mama Tambien, The White Ribbon, Antichrist, Hidden, Kings & Queen, The Wrestler, A Scanner Darkly, Happy-Go-Lucky, Elephant, High Fidelity, The Proposition etc. etc. Shame :(

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    • DonisFun

      Dec 31st 2009, 16:08

      Glad to see Dead Mans Shoes and City of God in there, but disappointed about Hunger not getting in, best film I've seen in the past twelve months.

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    • Siban1982

      Jan 1st 2010, 15:13

      Glad to see some great films in there. However, Lost in Translation, Amelie, Let the Right One In and Donnie Darko should all be higher than they are and I think what you've done with LOTR is hilariously bad.

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    • pesh120

      Jan 1st 2010, 18:08

      The problem with list like this is people tend to forget the movies that premiered in the early 00's. Unless you actually do you research instead of picking the movie you like now. I like Inglorious b*****ds, but to be a movie of the decade. I don't think so.

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    • DanielMcA

      Jan 1st 2010, 18:21

      Where's this film, where's that film? People, people, this isn't a popularity contest. Oh, wait a minute...

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    • acuteringsting

      Jan 1st 2010, 18:43

      TF - your sycophantic LOTR fixation betrays your journalistic integrity. Again. Why not give LOTR a single shout (you did it for Kill Bill 1&2)? Even make it No.1, if you really must. You have only managed to edit out 3 other deserving mentions. Is LOTR SO fantastic it overshadows everything else? No it is not. Get a grip. TF.

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    • joker16

      Jan 1st 2010, 22:54

      Dark Knight at #1? I think not, try There Will Be Blood. Nice to see Kill Bill and Basterds in there. By the way, am I the only one that can recognize Death Proof's brilliance?

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    • CMakaveli

      Jan 2nd 2010, 2:13

      Why put Kill Bill 1 & 2 together , then put the LOTR films seperate and then together as a trilogy?. A little unfair tbh. Cant believe Gangs of New York isnt on this list either. Glad The Dark Knight won though.

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    • hago1

      Jan 2nd 2010, 13:46

      "There will be blood" no.3?? I know at least 15 people who have seen it and not one, I repeat, NOT ONE even liked it, let alone loved it! OK maybe they didn't "get it" but I "got it" and still wouldn't bother my a**e to watch it again. "NO country for old men" is a superior film even if the end was s**te! My favourites are DISTRICT 9, NO COUNTRY,LOTR-RETURN OF THE KING,SHAUN OF THE DEAD and what about THE FASTEST INDIAN IN THE WORLD and CASINO ROYALE

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    • metalgatesolid

      Jan 2nd 2010, 19:37

      Lord of the Rings is ok...But to include the trilogy as one film is cheating. They are our films of the year, not your series of films. And why is Anchorman on his list!? Its good but not the best comedy of last 10 years (dodgeball in my mind). WALL-E should be higher than 8, people!!!!! And just out of interest id like to know how many Asian films made the top 100!!!??? Kung-Fu Hustle, Battle Royale and Ong-Bak to name but a few gave me the most thrills in the cinema this decade!!!

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    • niall

      Jan 2nd 2010, 21:06

      I want to agree with Pesh120 that lists like this involve many people forgetting early movies of the decade and just voting for what the remember most recent. A shame really.

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    • db097

      Jan 3rd 2010, 1:42

      I see what many of you are saying about LOTR having four entries in the list, but isn't this a reader's vote? Therefore who's to say that the great TF reading public didn't vote LOTR as a trilogy and as seperate films in numbers large enough to warrant four places in the list? Equally, maybe Kill Bill vol's 1 & 2 were only voted for enough times as combined chapters rather than individually. But then of course that would mean there's no TF conspiracy, as so many desperately claim where their supposedly 'rightful' winner doesn't make the cut.

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    • tricia25

      Jan 6th 2010, 1:51

      yes! anchorman!

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    • pimpernel

      Jan 6th 2010, 17:11

      Where's Lagaan? The pictures there, but it's not in your list... Should be somewhere in the middle that one. It was better than most Bollywood films, but not really up with the awesomeness of The Dark Knight.

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 6th 2010, 21:41

      Good list, nice to see all 3 Lord Of The Rings in there.

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    • littlebocuk

      Jan 8th 2010, 21:08

      the dark knight number one?? really??

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    • BenLinus

      Jan 11th 2010, 14:20

      Not a bad list when all is said and done, but heres a few pearls you missed off....Moon, Spiderman 2, Paranormal Activity, Rec, The Orphanage...come on totalfilm, and enough with Lord of the Rings, jesus, 3 films of people walking...theres only one return and it aint of the king. Stupid fat hobits

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