For No Good Reason

For No Good Reason


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For No Good Reason is an intimate documentary following Hunter S Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman over a period of 15 years, featuring rare footage from the Gonzo years and beyond.

The film features guest appearances from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas star Johnny Depp, Richard E Grant and Terry Gilliam.

For No Good Reason will appear at the 56th London Film Festival in October 2012, before opening in the UK in 2013.

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    • spatter

      Oct 9th 2012, 22:56

      This is the best documentary that I have ever seen! And you don't have to like Hunter Thompson (I hate him) but that doesn't matter. It's a film about a brilliant but tragic friendship. 2 men getting old together. It doesn't sound gripping but it is. And the visuals are staggering......

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