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Tim Burton’s stop-motion feature length adaptation of his short, of the same name, promises to be “the greatest story the screen will ever know.” At least, that's what the B-movie-styled trailer tells us.

Playing homage to the classic monster movies of the '50s, Frankenweenie is a black-and-white concoction of humour, horror and sadness with that distinctly Burtonesque gothic tinge to it.

The film follows Victor and his endearing relationship with his pet pooch, Sparky. However, when Sparky dies, Victor cannot let go of his faithful companion, so uses all his scientific knowledge, learnt from science-class, to harness electricity and reawaken his dog from beyond the grave. However, naturally Sparky is not quite the same…

After wreaking havoc on the neighbourhood, Sparky is found out and it is not long before others try their luck at raising the dead, but only to find there are devastating consequences.

Frankenweenie is Burton doing what he does best, on familiar stop-motion animated territory as seen in A Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.

The film features the vocal talents of Winona Ryder - whose last Burton film was Edward Scissorhands (which was a whopping 20 years ago!) - Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau and Christopher Lee

Frankenweenie will open in the UK on 17 October 2012 . Let us know if you're looking forward to it in the comments section.

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UK Cinema release
October 17th 2012
UK Blu-ray release
February 25th 2013

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    • FBJGabriel

      Sep 8th 2012, 17:57

      No Spoilers!!! Just saw Frankenweenie, good job Burton, its been a little while since i really enjoyed one of his films. Frankenweenie is for everyone. Kids, Family, Adults and i think its even a good date movie. There are some throw backs to Family Dog from Amazing stories if any of you remember that though i didn't know Burton was involved with that. Good plot and take on the Frankenstein story, with just enough tension and scare, good Burton creepiness all around. I am not a fan of 3D but it felt like the 3D with the claymation enhanced it. I saw it on IMAX it worked great.

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