Friday the 13th Part II

Friday the 13th Part II


Film description

In A Nutshell:

Uniformly beautiful teenage camp counsellors return to Crystal Lake five years after the original murders; Bloodletting ensues.



The day you count on for terror is not over…


Crazy Ralph: 'I told the others – they didn’t believe me. You’re all doomed. You’re all doomed.'

Paul: 'Axes, knives, saws… They can all be dangerous.'

Ted: 'This whole thing’s absurd: Two of our kids got hauled in today because five years ago some girl panics and falls out of a canoe…'


The sole survivor of the Camp Crystal Lake massacre is murdered in her own home and, five years later, a new group of carnally-transfixed teenage counsellors turn up at a nearby summer camp for ‘Counsellor Training’ – which, unfortunately for them, doesn’t include how to outsmart vengeful masked killers.   

A warning from the requisite town drunk and a campfire tale supposing that the dead son of the original killer may still be out in the woods later, and it’s too late for the young counsellors to wish they’d gotten a job in Burger King.

Yes, it turns out the legend of Jason Voorhees is real; he is angry and prowling outside the cabins with a cache of sharp weaponry to hack, slash and shish-ke-bob the newcomers.

One by one the group find all manner of excuses to separate themselves from the others until they find themselves cornered by the sack-headed loon.

As the cast roster is trimmed, it’s soon down to Ginny (Amy Steel) – and only real believer in the story – to evade Jason’s capture and, failing that, use her child psychology skills to fool the man-child into slowing down for long enough to turn the tables on him and escape.

Written by: Hudson Lee