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Godzilla’s last screen outing wasn’t actually the terrible lizard’s finest moment, with Independence Day director Roland Emmerich failing to give it the destructive reboot it deserves.

Who better, then, than Monsters director Gareth Evans, to give the beast another shot at big screen glory? Having made an original creature feature on the kind of budget that doesn’t even cover shoestrings, Edwards proved himself a helmer as capable at handling cost-effective FX as human relationships.

His Godzilla is shrouded in mystery, although the script is being written by Batman Begins’ David S. Goyer (who knows a thing or two about a thrilling reboot).

Edwards has stressed the importance of ‘getting it right’, and the first glimpse of the film is set to be revealed at Comic-Con 2012.

The film doesn't currently have a release date, but it's expected to open in 2014. For everything you need to know about the new take on Godzilla, stick with this page.

Excited about Godzilla tearing another metropolis asunder? Or do you never want to see the nuclear lizard set a giant claw in multixplexes again? Talk to us in the comments section, below.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
May 15th 2014
US Cinema release
May 16th 2014

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