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UK Cinema release
February 27th 2009
UK DVD release
June 29th 2009



    • Nealsreviews1

      Jan 28th 2009, 2:51

      Clint Eastwood is known for playing the classic antihero that we all love in Gran Torino he’s no different. Eastwood redefines what it is to be a grumpy old man here with his trademark Dirty Harry snarl & grunts. Walt Kowalski is a marine veteran & retired auto worker & an unapologetic bigot. Who just lost his wife while his discontent for society grows stronger so does his alienation from a world literally becoming foreign. Walt spends his time tending his house in a Detroit suburb, drinking beers, & cleaning his most treasured posession a vintage 72 Gran Torino which he helped assemble at Ford plant where he used to work. He’s the only white man in a neighborhood filled with Asians, Hispanics, & African-Americans. Walt hates all - he despises his own family as much as the trash as he puts it that pollute his street. One night in a twist of fate Walt catches the son of his neighbors trying to steal his cherished car. Instead of hurting the boy or calling the police Walt decides to protect him from the gang bangers that forced him into robbery. The boy in gratitude agrees to work for Walt doing odd jobs & they form an unlikely bond. The storyline is predictable the characters all too familiar but you can’t help to watch Eastwoods charisma he radiates on film & is very believable in this character. Neal Damiano Film Journalist

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    • tommy7uk

      Mar 4th 2009, 21:14

      One of the most enjoyable films I've seen in a long time. OK there are predictable parts to it but this is what going to the cinema is all about, a great viewing experience.

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    • melonfarmer1

      Mar 9th 2009, 0:59

      having watched this "Crint Eastwood" clone of a genre waiting to be seen,I am enraged to find the "PC" brigade jumping up and down on a film like this! How lines like...Paraphrased of course... I used to stack f**ks like you as sandbags! Give me a haircut you bald italian f**k! your nothing but a 26 year virgin! etc. only indicate that Mr.Eastwood deserves his standing/respect amongst the fighters of the people against "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!" As "Snake" said "Welcome to the human race!"

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    • Erico

      Dec 30th 2009, 19:48

      Very touching film ! Great performance from all involved ! Really touched me ! People are saying this is Clint's last film if this is true he has bowed out with a fantastic performance !

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