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Guardians Of The Galaxy sees Marvel introducing cosmic scale to its cinematic universe following the success of Avengers Assemble.

After being long mooted (and even delayed) as part of Marvel's Phase 2 movie movement, Guardians Of The Galaxy was officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

Based on the cult comic that first appeared in 1969, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a futuristic science fiction adventure which will see a group of aliens in the 31st Century tasked with the protection of Earth, the time stream and, well, the galaxy. They've had comic-book links to the Avengers in the past, so we're very much expecting this film to tie in with The Avengers 2 .

We've also seen the first concept art for the film released at Comic-Con as well as a confirmation of the team's roster. Expect to see Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Star-Lord, Gamorra and Rocket Racoon. Yes... Rocket Racoon. WIN.

Keen to see Guardians Of The Galaxy get a movie? Tell us below! ahead of its 1 August 2014 release date.

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Release Dates

UK Cinema release
August 1st 2014
US Cinema release
August 1st 2014

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