Hatchet 2

Hatchet 2


Film description

In a Nutshell:

A return to the Louisiana swamps for another dose of old school American horror and some OTT clichés.



Hold on to all of your pieces.


'You gotta be fucking kidding me!'

'Drink it.  It’s warm.'

'Say you love the baby Jesus!'


Still searching for her missing father and brother, Marybeth (Danielle Harris – Halloween 4/5) seeks the help of local voodoo priest/tour operator Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd – Candyman) and a group of ragtag bounty hunters.

Together, the motley crew return to the swamp to find the bodies of her relatives, and help Marybeth get revenge on the mutant redneck Victor Crowley. 

Unfortunately, Marybeth gets more than she bargained for when she discovers the link between her family and Crowley, and as the group starts to get picked off one by one, she soon realises that killing Crowley won’t be as easy as she thought.

Written by: Chris Ward